1. One more Tiki bug - wishlist item where i would like to add a comment but i can't (Chromium works, but Firefox -not).


2. Tiki Hybridauth 50+ socnets login is working with my branch


3. Forum reply bug confirmed at developers list.

I have tried to post a new forum topic on this but I couldn't because Tiki 'clever' software said there was no topic attached. A one more Tiki joke? (it is a confirmed tiki bug, btw)

4. What is the best git procedure when creating a new feature - squash all commits into one?

Do i need to create merge request for all 13 commits or squash them into one or something else?

5. Maybe interesting for REST API devs - "I Don't Need Postman Anymore!! I Use VS Code Instead..." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AbCTlemwZ1k

6. VS Code is the best free tool for Tiki development on Linux for me.

I can't believe I would ever say that...

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