Tiki Modifications

  • 'access code' for anti-script-user-generation improved
  • Added support for Atom output feeds, details see http://bitworking.org/rfc/draft-gregorio-07.html
  • Added support for external Atom feeds, just add them on the rss feeds page!
  • feature_wikiwords switch for enabling/disabling WikiWord
  • german translation (ongoing)
  • many bugfixes
  • method 'generate password' improved (php and js version)
  • module ModuleLastActions
  • module ModuleLastImages
  • module ModuleLastImagesTh
  • open/close folder icons for menus
  • plugin CATEGORY (basic version, improved by others): PluginCategoryDev
  • plugin SORT: PluginSort
  • plugin {RSS(id=>feedId,max=>5,date=>1,desc=>1,author=>1)}{RSS}: PluginRss
  • RSS: New 'refresh' button on admin page for external rss feeds
  • RSSModules enhanced RSSModulesDev, RSSModulesDoc
  • security fix for RSS feeds (only get feeds for objects you are allowed to view)
  • security fix for search box (only search in pages you are allowed to view)
  • spec conformity fix for RSS feeds, stylesheet for RSS, added support for rss 2.0: RssFeedDev, RssFeedDoc
  • themes 'olive', 'olive_red', 'olive_blue'

  • fixed Forums : individual RSS feeds not working
  • fixed RSS not properly processing blogId
  • fixed FANCYTABLE plugin generates wrong TD format
  • fixed RSS feeds are sent with Wiki Formatting instead of HTML
  • fixed RSS feed brakes in 1.8 RC3 - httprequest() in tikilib didnt return any data.
  • fixed RSS feeds : Display bullets out of page
  • fixed HTML enabled wiki pages : Capital causes many lines
  • fixed Search: user input not checked for unwanted chars
  • Other work

    • providing Tiki XRef, Tikidoc and Doxygen documentation on https://de.tiki.org/
    • building archives with latest svn content (fix release and HEAD), see same url


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