Hi, I'm Eric. I've been pretty gung ho about implementing tikiwiki into my small engineering consulting firm, the Letton-Hall Group. I have become extremely interested in knowledge management in general and believe that tikiwiki is a great tool for this. But adoption is a real issue, as you know. I've been experiencing difficulties with acceptance within my own small organization.

In the U.S., probably Canada as well, and likely other countries, the post war baby boomers are beginning to retire. Alot of knowledge is beginning to walk out the door. It will be lost forever if we can't capture it somehow. This tool is the best thing going right now. But there's a real technology gap between this tool and those who would use it to record their knowledge. This is the core issue in my attempts to integrate the tool into my organization.

I've written a little about the need for knowledge management within my particular area of expertise click here for an article.

My Goals

  • To see widespread adoption of the wiki concept in general and tikiwiki in particular (i.e., conquer the world!)
    • To participate in the adoption by successfully implementing it within my organization.
    • To promote the concept and the product within my technical specialty through papers and presentations.
  • To participate in the ongoing enhancement and improvement of tikiwiki. Recently, I've been promoting Tikiwiki User's Group (TUG).

My Background

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Check out Andrew McAfee's Blog

Andrew McAfee is a former Harvard Business School and current MIT professor who is credited with coining the term "Enterprise 2.0." He emphasizes business applications of collaborative web tools.

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