This option will display a printer-friendly version of the page removing menus, sidebars, banners and all that kind of things. It should be nice to provide also a PDF version of each page and we are planning to add this feature in a future version of Tiki stay tuned-.

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The Edit button takes you to the edit screen where you can edit Wiki Pages, since editing Wiki pages is the most important feature of the Wiki section we have a special dedicated section in this manual and you can find it after the rest of the page-bar options are explained.

Note: you can double-click on a page to edit-it if you want. If you don t like this feature and you are logged you can disable it from MyTiki->preferences.

Remove Page

The remove page option takes you to a page where confirmation is asked. In that page you can remove the page and if you want you can also remove all the versions of the page. If you don t remove all the versions of the page the next-to-last version becomes the current page. Yes, you should use this feature carefully.

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The lock/ unlock button is used to lock/unlock pages, when a page is locked nobody can edit the page when until it is first unlocked. This can be used to lock some pages that you don't want to be edited by anynone in open Wikis where everybody can edit pages, for example the HomePage in some Wikis.

If the users can lock pages feature is enabled then users with the right permision can lock/unlock pages and only the user who locked the page can unlock it (or admin) if the feature is not enabled then only admins can lock/unlock pages.


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When the page is locked the locked icon will be displayed place the mouse over the lock icon to see who locked the page. If you have admin permission or you are the user who locked the page (if user level locks are enabled) then an unlock button will be displayed at the page bar.

Permissions & email notifications

Maybe you should read about the Tiki permission and groups system before reading this section

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In this page you can assign permissions to this page overriding the global Tiki permission system. The way to use this screen is easy: select the permission you want to apply and then select the groups that will have the permission for this page. You can remove permissions clicking the remove link once a permission has been assigned.

If you set up the tiki_p_view permission for group foo only the users in the foo group will be able to view this page, other users won t be able to see the page even if the have the tiki_p_view permission. (Of course users with tiki_p_admin are always e nabled to do anything)


From this screen you can also set email addresses that will be notified when a page changes, as an admin you may want to monitor some special or sensitive pages in your site, using this feature Tiki will send an email to the addresses configured here whenever the page changes.


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One of the most interesting features of the Wiki is that each time you edit a page the previous version is not discarded but stored in the history. If you have the right permissions you can view previous versions and rollback a page to a previous version if needed. This is how vandalizing is prevented/countered if a page is vandalized it will stay in that state only until a user restores a previous version.

In the history screen you can see all the page versions and if you have the right permissions you will see some options for each version, the options are:

  • View: view any version of a page
  • Rollback: rollback a page to any version
  • Source: View the source of that page version
  • Compare: compare the version and the current page side-by-side
  • Diff: view a diff between any version and the current version


View will show you that version of the Page.


Marking versions and clicking the del button will remove the selected versions of the page from the history (if you have the permissions)


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Compare shows a side-by-side comparison between the selected version and the current version.


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The diff tool computes a diff between the current version and any selected version in the history, the result is shown as in the figure, you can see what was removed, what was added and where from the old version to the current one. Some people like diffs and others prefer the side-by-side compare tool, you can use whatever you want or both.


Shows the source of the selected version.


Rollback is used to revert a page to a given version. You will be asked for confirmation before rolling back a page to a previous version.

The rollback option can be used if you don t like the current version of a page and want to switch to an older version, an alternative is to remove all the versions that you don t like until the desired version becomes the current one.

Note: If you want a feature to do a massive rollback of several pages you may want to read about Tags , you can find about tags in the Admin section.


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Backlinks are links from any page to the current page (the page you are reading), you can use the backlinks option to see which pages are linking to a particular page and find orphan pages, pages with no backlinks. Orphan pages are likely to get very few visits if any and in many ocasions orphan pages are old pages that were removed from the Wiki and you may need to delete them.

Similar Pages

Like pages show a listing of pages named similar to the current page. As you know a page is named using CapitalizedWordsSmashedTogether, like pages show pages where one of this smashed words is the same as one of the words in the current pages. For example MyPage NFLResultsPage OpinionsPage are similar becasue they share the word Page .


The undo button can be used to undo the last edition of a page, if the undo feature is eanbled then users that can edit pages can undo what they did even if they can t rollback pages or remove versions. Note that users will be able to undo only what they edited and not what other users edited unless the user has permission to remove page versions.

Pressing the undo button removes tha current version of the page making the last version in the history the current page, if no version is in the history then the page is reverted to an empty page.


See the slideshows section in the Wiki syntax section just some pages ahead.


The export button can be used to export the current version of the page, click it and your browser will prompt you to save the file. The exported page can later be imported to the wiki. If you want to export all the versions of a page you can use the export all versions link when editing the page (click the edit button and find the link). If you want to export all the versions of all the pages in the wiki you can do that as admin from the wiki section of the admin panel.


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The rename button can be used to rename a Wiki page, all the references to that page will be updated as well.

Note that you must have a permission to rename pages. If you try to rename a page to an existing name, you will get an error message.

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