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Link to a Wiki page WikiPageName or ((Wiki Page Name))
Link to an external Wiki page External Wiki name: External Wiki page name
Link to a Web page [http://www.somesite.org] or [http://www.somesite.org| Some Site!]

Note: Tiki's linking capabilities are affected by the following administrative options:

  • Use ))WikiWords(( If this feature in the Wiki Features area (Wiki tab) is disabled, you must use doubled parentheses to create a Wiki page link.
  • Open External Links in New Window If this feature in the General Settings area (General tab) is disabled, external links open in the existing browser window

Key Function and sub-features

  • Enables users to easily create links to Wiki, external Wiki, and Web pages without the need to use HTML.
  • Displays links with or without link text.
  • Caches external Web pages (if the appropriate configuration option is selected).
  • Enables users to suppress remote document caching for non-HTML objects.
  • External pages can open in the same or a new browser window (there's an administrative option that controls this behavior).

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