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Key Function and sub-features

  • Enables users to create bulleted, numbered, and definition lists in Article, Blog, Forum, and Wiki pages
  • In numbered lists, items are automatically numbered
  • Bulleted lists are formatted (like this one) with neatly indented turnover lines
  • Numbered and bulleted lists can be nested
    • Here's a nested item
      • And here's another one
  • Definition lists show the defined term flush left, while the definition is neatly indented

Related Links

  • WikiListDoc See this page for a step-by-step guide to using and troubleshooting bulleted, numbered, and definition lists.
  • WikiListAdmin How to configure Wiki list settings (for administrators).
  • WikiListSettings All the list-related settings at a glance (for administrators).

Typical Uses

  • Bulleted lists: Use whenever you'd like to list items of equal importance.
  • Numbered lists: Use for instructions (step-by-step) or items of decreasing importance.
  • Definition lists: Use for glossaries of terms.

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