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Release responsibilities

  1. Test/triage all reported patches
    • Contact them to invite them to commit directly and be active in the community
  2. Test/triage all reported bug reports
    • Test the fixes and close the bugs
  3. Review How to Submit a new item on the Wishlist to make sure it's still relevant and update to take advantage of new features.
  4. Carry out manual test plans: Instructions for Tiki Testers


  • Maintain dev.tiki.org, except for developers documentation workspace which is handled by the Developers Team.
  • Pre-Dogfood Servers are a great place to test reported issues.
  • Identify "good first bugs to fix" to test and train new developers. So code is not too complex / messy / risky and we have an instance of the problem on a show instance

Wish list triage proposal

This will

  1. Motivate new community members, because they have quick feedback (and we'll get more committers)
  2. Free up tiki-devel of bug reports
  3. Make sure that all easy things are fixed
  4. Give a good overview of all issues and opportunities (ex.: report of all wishes on blogs is useful before a revamp)


  • Merge field 56 into field 93, after checking that 93 is what we want
  • field 93: check with standard, and document


  • Decide what to do with this leftover text from the deduplication
{GROUP(groups="Team Developers")}Notes before or while fixing (developers):
* Be in touch with the person that reported so he can help/update/retest/mark as solved.
* If you need to ask another dev something do it by yourself. Answering to the bug reporter that he should ask another dev is usually not working and add confusion.
* Be sure you comment the log report with step taken and bug fix completion (svn release, backporting, etc).{GROUP}

  • figure out why Ratings (field 62) keeps on re-appearing as the 1st field
  • Change Easy Importance Priority for a scale of 5 instead of a scale of 10, and update all data
    • And at that point change the math to do x4, so it remains on a scale of 100



Team Wishlist

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