• Guy Thomas

    cry Have dl'd them several times and the result is always a 0k file that gives a broken/unkown format message cry
  • xun

    cannot download smarty_DW_MX.zipevil
    • luca marletta

      It's not a broken link, it's a broken file! but same result sad
      It seems very interesting ... can anyone repairs these files? May Terence be so kind. Thanks a lot.

  • cosmin

    Downloaded them on September 10, 2004
  • jobo

    You may need to edit the delimiters in the XML file

    I had to change the less-than-{ and }-greater-than to { and } to get things to work.

    Also, there is already an XML file in the DWMX directory. I pasted the supplied code into the existing XML file.

    (Make a backup before you change DWMX files!)