• Mose

    Please suggest new star names so I can add them on the list !
    • Lee Wilson

      What about Pulsar
      A pular is a star that is very small but very heavy - a teaspoon of mass weighs more than 200 tonnes - this may reflect tw massive feature set.

      Also a pulsar reliably rotates making them the best clocks in the universe - they are used by gps and other military navigational systems - this may reflect tw development and release process :-)

      Finally they have a huge magnetic and gravitational forces - reflected in the ever growing tikiwiki community

      • Mose

        well, pulsar is not a star name, but a star type, actually.
        • Lee Wilson

          OK - point taken didn't realise that it HAD to be a star name - just following the star theme :-)
  • cosmin

    Reminds me of Starcraft (remember Arcturus Mengsk?)

    Here's my suggestion: Ascella.

  • Damian Parker

    Cos it sounds wicked cool
    • Damian Parker

      DENEB (Alpha Cygni). One of the truly great stars of our Galaxy, Deneb serves a three-fold role among the constellations. Its very name tells the first. "Deneb" is from an Arabic word meaning "tail," as this first magnitude (1.25) star, the 19th brightest as it appears in our sky, represents the tail of Cygnus the Swan, a classical figure seen flying perpetually to the south along the route of the Milky Way. As the constellation's luminary, the star is also Alpha Cygni. The reversal of Cygnus makes the asterism of the Northern Cross, with Deneb now at the top, the cross seen rising on its side in early northern summer, standing upright in the west in early northern winter evenings. Deneb also makes the western apex of the famed Summer Triangle, which also incorporates Vega and Altair. All three of these white class A stars (Deneb an A2 supergiant) have similar surface temperatures, Vega, at 9600 Kelvin, the warmest, Deneb radiating at 8400 Kelvin. Though Vega and Altair are really quite luminous, they are first magnitude primarily because they are close to us, averaging only 25 light years away. Deneb, on the other hand, may be as far as 2600 light years. Based on that distance, its awesome luminosity of 160,000 Suns makes it about the intrinsically brightest star of its kind (that is, in its temperature or spectral class) in the entire Galaxy. If placed at the distance of Vega, Deneb would shine as bright as a well- developed crescent Moon. Deneb is a true supergiant, its diameter, calculated from its temperature and luminosity, is 200 times that of the Sun. Direct measurement of its tiny angular diameter (a mere 0.002 seconds of arc) gives a very similar value of 180 solar. If it were placed at the center of our Solar System, Deneb would extend to the orbit of the Earth. While far from the largest star in the Galaxy, Deneb is one of the biggest of its kind. It is evolving and has stopped fusing hydrogen in its core. Just what it is doing, however, we do not know. Having begun its life as a star of some 25 solar masses, its fate is almost certainly to explode sometime within the next couple of million years. The star is constant in its light, but its spectrum, its light as seen when stretched into a rainbow, is slightly variable. Blowing from its surface is a wind that causes the star to lose mass at a rate of 0.8 millionths of a solar mass per year, a hundred thousand times the flow rate from the Sun. Deneb is among the most magnificent stars you can see with the unaided eye.
  • luciash d' being 🧙

    because it has an X in name like 10 in 1.10 version... wink
    • Damian Parker

      > because it has an X in name like 10 in 1.10 version... wink

      Sounds to much like Apple rolleyes

  • Pete

    It's freaky biggrin
  • Mose

    Did you notice that you can revote and it removes your last vote and sets a new one ?
  • Gustavo Muslera

    We can choose names because some caracteristics of the star, or play a bit with things that will have the new version, how will be the development, etc.

    But not sure on how fit phisical characteristics of those stars with being the next one the 1.10 version, and we still don't have enough idea on what it will have (TikiForge?) for now, so a bit is random. Alpha centauri is the closest brightest star (proxima is closer, but not so bright, nor as known), you could see it as the 1.1st closest star (1st=proxima, and alpha is just a bit more far), and, well, at least now when the name is being choosed, its more an alpha version than something that will be very close (proxima in spanish is both "the next one" and "very close to"). Last at not least... centauri are those mithologic middle men, middle horse, well, that could be used for a lot of associations, some funny, others maybe useful (now with more HP? :-)

  • Julie

    hhhmmm - my coffee is white, no sugar Mose, put Jukebox in my tiki corner, hang my blue star over it, stuff the penis spam way down the back where noone will see it, and start singing lol

  • van_woods

    I'd rather vote for features!


  • Stephen Lee

    Or at least anything but Betelgeuse...TikiWiki 1.10 Betelgeuse I don't think so...TikiWiki 1.10 Procyon has a very good ring to it...biggrin
    • Damian Parker

      TikiWiki 1.10 - Deneb- sounds even better wink
      • Stephen Lee

        Nah it sounds too blunt. rolleyes
  • Stephen Lee

    This isn't being fixed is it? mrgreen
    There is always 1 more vote on Deneb than Procyon, even though Procyon took an early lead in the voting. mad
    Not Deneb exclaim the word means tail .

  • Mose

    Tail is a very useful friend for every sysadmin.
    • Stephen Lee

      Looks like I'm on a loosing side with Procyon! sad
      Oh wel come on Deneb eek

  • martciel

    Give a dog a name - that's the game!

    I am only half joking, A name should be short, memorable and easy to recall (did I repeat meslf?)

    Lets not get too hung up on the meaning of the name - what matters is whether it sticks in the mind of the listener/reader. OK - the name issue should not cloud the importance of what "that what is named" does. But realistically, having gotten the tool working perfectly and being all things to all people, we need to be sure that when they hear the name, they have no trouble typing an approximation into google (or some clone of that anarchic khan) at some point distant from when they heard it.

    Some of our business comes via links from other sites, but some also comes from someone hearing something somewhere and then trying to track it down a week or two later - lets help them with a simple name.

    But apart from being easy to rememeber, it should also sound important - and Arcturus sounds important (and easy to remember)

  • Miguel Seijo Blanque

    Procyon-ists, we'll save it for Tiki 2!

    Let Arcturus be 1.11

  • Stephen Lee

    I suppose tiki 2 will be a bigger release. So I second that! cool
  • fcapeletto

    Why not use members to suggest others star names to append in list of candidates ?
    In a second time, the star will be choose in a Pool like this.

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