• nzbobo

    There are two things holding me back from using tikiwiki at the moment - firstly,

    1) i think phpnuke etc have the best article style (click on icon, just have topics, also can list by category) which has been suggested above, and

    2) being able to discuss the post in a forum (similar to the wikis) so that comments go there and

    3) having a 'newswire' - similar to Dada software that indymedias use - where anyone can post an article, but it won't go to the front page - but to a newswire and all posts to front page are features.

    I am not a programmer, and therefore can't do these changes myself. I am currently waiting to transfer all my phpnuke sites across (i have about 5 that i run for others) and I have to say, when some little things are added that come standard with other CMS (-- you already have HEAPS of extras) - this will be the BEST CMS by far! I can guarentee it!

    (Having a bit of twiki style stuff would be good too... i'm guessing this is possible and i just haven't found this yet...)


  • rjb

    In the article feature I would like to be able to show the number of comments per article. Specifically within the the "list articles" view. If this is a matter of copying some code from articles home view where the number of comments are shown, I would appreciate any advice! Thanks
  • KevinOlbrich

    I'd be interested in setting up some sort of group permission for articles. That way Articles can be targeted to subsets of the user base.
    • Gary Cunningham-Lee

      Articles (via article topics) can already have specific view permissions. (On the Admin Topics page there's a "perms" link under Actions.) Is this what you're thinking about? I've used this to make specific articles visible to different user groups at my Tiki sites.
      • KevinOlbrich

        Well... don't I feel foolish. Looks like it does exactly what I need, within reason.