• caveman

    Hi DBAbstraction Team -

    I am currently helping out with a port of Galaxia for Xaraya with the PostgreSQL database. I'm encountering problems due to the mixed case column names used in Galaxia. Most databases require mixed or forced case column names to be quoted. For example, Oracle will convert the column name column to COLUMN, unless it is quoted. PostgreSQL will convert a column name to lowercase unless it is quoted. Also with PostgreSQL, the backquote (`) is not allowed around a column name and will throw a SQL error (tested with 7.3.2)

    One way to facilitate these problems would be to make all column names lowercase, remove the backquote and let each database handle the resulting SQL. Obviously require a lot of work but it should make the resulting SQL easier to port across databases.

    Xaraya has been using ADOdb from the start and it's been a learning experience. But we're looking forward to supporting more databases in the future and believe ADOdb is the way to go.

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    another great benefit of ADODB is The ADOdb
    Performance Monitoring Library


    I've used this before and it produces amazingly useful information.

  • Torpedro

    I have problems inserting data from a text field into the DB. Everything works fine until i enter a ? nayhwere in the field an try to save it.
    I enter in my textfield: "test2 ?"
    My query looks like: $wquery="UPDATE `Testbed_EQN` SET `Name` = '$TeNameN' WHERE `EQN` = ?";
    then i get an error like this:
    UPDATE `Testbed_EQN` SET `Name` = 'test2 'E001' >' WHERE `EQN` =
    Could this be solved with preg_replace?
    Or how would you do it?
    Thank you!