• sylvie

    For language with characters on 2 or more bytes, it is a good idea to enable the module mbstring in php. Some functions will benefit.
  • Gustavo Muslera

    Some servers (i.e. default installation of apache in Debian) have a default charset enabled, and this have problems with Tiki trying to show utf-8 extended characters. To solve this make sure that this is disabled, like with
    AddDefaultCharset off
    in the apache configuration.

  • Frog ;)

    What about the safe_mode=on restriction? As I heard, there are some problems with it.
  • Philippe Cloutier

    I removed sammeford's comment about a closed bug report.
  • sylvie

    Tiki1.9: it can be On or Off
    Before: I think it must be Off

  • Gunnar René Øie

    Shouldn't this page also mention what privileges you need in MySQL, like CREATE TEMPORARY TABLES ?
    • sylvie

      One has been taken away in comments.lib in 1.9. Are there more?
  • DanielCar

    Does it work? Any known issues iwth it?
    • Damian Parker

      I belive it works 90%+ functionality. Ive heard reports of a session problem tho. However I think our main concern is maintaining 4.1 PHP compatibilty due to the many shared hosting environments that use it. Who knows there maybe even a Tiki 5 to take advantage of PHP 5 code, maybe once its matured a little hey wink

      Project Admin Team

  • sylvie

    I found out that quizzes (import option) is not working properly before PHP4.3.5 on special characters like "é"...
    (ctype_print("é") is not working)

  • sylvie

    AuthPam in lib/userslib.php use argument by reference
    Passing argument by reference will be deprecated

    in php.ini
    allow_call_time_pass_reference needs to be on

  • Juzan Jean-Michel

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