• Marc Fargas

    That is, what's the current status of this wish? :o)
    Will it nicelly integrate with the user's language selection ?

  • bertrand Gugger

    Why not a simple approach ?
    redface sure large TikiWiki cannot be simple.
    Giving a TW site, let it become a multilang one just checking all ID (not only wiki's) so they don't end in ".en" ".en.UK" or whatever give as ".lg" lg=langage's code.
    Case some ID collide, change them.
    Then when an ID required, check the existence of ID.{any $pref_lang}
    Yes it's awfull. But better keep the original (not ending with .en or what) as what the tiki site can deserve.
    Simple: ID is the original, when I request ID and my browser preference mean fr is better, have the tiki check if it has an ID.fr available. If not (or better) give back the ID original one.
    Please, don't mix the languages within the same file eek
    Yes, 2 translations are 2 differents stuff exclaim
    I'm quite sure I have read such a wiki about 1.9 but I don't find it back cry
    I understand I miss a lot of basics here too.

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