• Philippe Cloutier

    Sounds usefulwink
  • rex

    anything like this that works on 1.7.5 ??????
    • Damian Parker

      Nope, but you should be able to grab it from the lib/wiki-plugins on a BRANCH-1-8 and it *should* work without any trouble.


  • Stephen Lee

    Why is the articles plugin not showing the comments associated with the articles included in a wiki page.
    Is there anything that can be done to fix this?

    • Damian Parker

      You can always modify the tpl file to include. However from memory I think its todo with whats passed to Smarty from the plugin code.

      Hope it gives you a pointer.

  • geoadel

    I can't download this wonderful plugin. I get questioned for
    username and password. Can someone please inform me?

    • Damian Parker

      Changed the page to reflect the problem link. 2 new solutions for downloading added
    • Lee Wilson

      Well done Damian,
      This lets me easily intergrate more dynamic content (a list of the latest articles) into a wiki home page
      Now another fantastic Wiki feature for the list :-)

  • Noavatar


    it would be a good improvement to this plugin, if you can use it to display articles from 2 or more different topics:


    perhapse someone can add this feature wink

    • Damian Parker

      Sure its easy enough to add!
  • dossanto

    This a very good plugin and it wuold be a good improvement if you can see all the articles, with the possibilty to set the number of articles by page and (previus, next) links to see the next articles.
    Perhaps something like:

     No articles yet.

    For me this feature is important. (And the page tiki-view_articles.php, don't have (previus, next) links to navigation between articles.)

    perhaps someone can add this feature. biggrin

  • Diane

    I don't have any comments on my articles, and got PHP error:

    "Division by zero in /home/spot46/public_html/comments.php on line 303"

    How to fix?