• Xavier de Pedro

    (13:54:03) xavi: ricks99, by the way, what do you think about adding the screencasts to the new TikiLiveCD ?
    (13:54:51) xavi: it's in the oven - a pre-cooked snapshot is available at: http://tikiwiki.org/TikiLiveCD
    (13:55:13) xavi: (with still some issues to be solved, but may work as a proff or concept)
    (13:55:22) xavi: s/proff/proof
    (14:04:35) ricks99: screencasts are great, but i think a link to a live page is better & easier to update
    (14:06:51) ricks99: currrently (i think) all screenscasts are 1.9x
    (14:07:06) xavi: I agree. However, TikiLiveCD is meant to be used even without internet access (I included the documentation pdf file, for instance, even if more updated information is on doc.tw.o live). and many potential new users & contractors of services get lost on many links to check things.... (imho)
    (14:07:23) xavi: TikiLiveCD contains 1.9.11 (stable) and 1.9.10svn
    (14:08:17) xavi: and some screenscasts are for 1.10: CWLE, Staging (in english), and another one I made in Catalan for site with extensive use of trackers (for non-profit exchange markets)
    (14:09:18) ricks99: k. sounds good then. maybe include the "featured tiki gallery" too? to really show off some cutting edge tikis?
    (14:09:40) xavi: that's why I'm wondering whether it shouldnt be a good option to include a copy of them in the live CD.... I still remember the nice videos Javier Reyes did about TikiDav usage, and they were lost due to disc failure at his server... and they are lost....
    (14:09:43) luciash: re
    (14:10:06) xavi: "featured tiki gallery": That would be lovely, as multimedia, if anyone knows how to use them

  • Dmitri

    I downloaded Slax-TikiLiveCD_v0.4b.iso, and booted up.
    However, I'm unable to login in the local TikiWiki with username admin and login admin.
    Also i'm unable to create active user (one that i registered is disabled), since it can not send email for confirmation (the computer is standalone and not connected to internet). So how to fix this issues?

    • Xavier de Pedro

      I've updated this page (English version, so far) with the information on how to login as root or admin. thanks for your message. Previous versions of the TikiLiveCD and this page already reported the usernames and passwords, but with this new version I forget.
      Fixed right now.

      And I've also added some screenshots and some minor info on the possibilities of this Live CD.

      Don't hesitate to ask again if in doubt.


      • Dmitri

        thx so much.
        everything is working good.
        btw, those screenshots are contain helpfull hints

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