• Lee

    As long as your going with Java - there is alsoJExcelApi which is another open source project. It is a java library that provides the ability to read, write, and modify Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

    IMHO - Reading, writing, and displaying a spreadsheet is more important than providing the functionallity to modify a spreadsheet online. Maybe that is just me.


  • Spyros Kroustalakis

    Where can I download TikiSheet? I couldn't find it in Sourceforge CVS


    • Louis-Philippe Huberdeau

      It's in TikiWiki's HEAD branch. You will need to enable the Sheet feature to see it.
  • Xavi (as xavidp - admin)

    I cannot see the tiki-sheet neither from tiki-view_sheets.php nor wiki page (using sheet plugin), except when continue editing the sheet. Is is only me (just started trying tiki sheet today)? Am I doing something wrong, maybe, or should I post this as a bug?

    I'm using for this trial tiki1.9cvs (got yesterday from tarball link at tw.o), plus Damian.css and moreneat.css theme styles. And Firefox 1.0.

  • Eric Dalquist

    I just found tiki sheet and really like it. I've already started adding some more excel functions to the formula library. How can I contribute these back into the next version? So far I've implemented the SUMIF excel function: (sorry about the formatting, not sure how to save it in a comment)

    // SUMIF {{{1
    function SUMIF( ifList, tests, sumList )
    var testArray = isArray(tests);
    var total = 0;

    for (var index = 0; index < sumList.length && index < ifList.length; index++) {
    if (!isNaN(sumListindex)) {
    var addValue = false;
    if (testArray) {
    for (var testIndex = 0; testIndex < tests.length && !addValue; testIndex++) {
    addValue = (teststestIndex == ifListindex);
    else {
    addValue = (tests == ifListindex);

    if (addValue) {
    total += sumListindex;

    return total;

    // local utilitiy functions
    function isArray( obj ) {
    try {
    return obj.length >= -1;
    catch (e) {
    return false;

    So far this has only been tested with Firefox 1.0.6

    Also what sort of work would be involved with implementing a sort function?

    • Louis-Philippe Huberdeau

      Glad you like it. If you have a CVS account, you can commit the changes yourself. Otherwise, you can email them to me (won't have to re-do the formatting) and I will commit them myself.
  • Matt Cooperrider

    I'm new here, so apologies if this is not a real bug.

    I have a tikiwiki installed on a siteground server. I embedded a tikisheet in a page.

    When editing the sheet, I tried to insert a row. I get the following error message:


    An error occurred, inexistant row in grid.getRow


    When I click on OK, it leaves the editing screen and data entered during the editing session is not saved.


    • Matt Cooperrider

      After I press ok, it goes to a screen that says: "A Sheet ID is Required"

      There is an option to go back, but any data that was entered is lost.

    • space_egd

      I am currently experiencing the same problem as you are.

      I am using tikiWiki v2.2.
      I'm also unable to import/export from/to excel.

  • space_egd

    It's not perfect but TikiSheet has a lot of potential.

    I'm currently using it for a team at work to do work item estimation based on the Wide Band Delphi estimation method.

    I don't see the tracker website mentioned in this page so I'll just post the URl.
    I'll be adding some bugs I've encountered to that page.

    My wish list for TikiSheet:
    - clone tables
    - export displayed (after formula calculations) table to a tikiwiki table syntax format
    - more robust excel import/export features (doesn't work on my tikiwiki v2.2 site)
    - more robust csv or other character delimited table formats
    - merge changes of different revisions
    - view side-by-side changes of different revision by diff each indiv. cell content
    - shortcut keys to navigate to cell above or below currently active cell. Currently I'm only aware of being able to go left and right of the current active cell by Tab/Shift+Tab shortcut keys

    • Xavier de Pedro

      hi space_egd,
      I agree with you, the Spreadsheet feature has a lot of potential!
      If you are using it at your (paid?) job, I would suggest that (if you can) offer some money to coders to have those suggestions coded.
      That's why we could have some of the latest additions to the future many months ago. And there is plenty of room for improvement!

      BTW, import/export through csv works 100% well for me (and I've been using with my students for years)