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  • Shesh

    I sent you a message did you get it?
  • rayhne

    Thanks for all your patience while I panicked all over the place ... I do tend to do that, which is why I adore my webhost. It's remarble what she puts up with. 😊

  • rbelanger

    Gary you seem to be a major contributor to the site. I appreciate all the input you have provided to others as they stumble through using the platform. I have a problem that I have not been able to find an answer to. I could not figure out how to add it to the forum, so here goes - When I enter HTML on a page on one of my sites I get the following message

    The following error message was returned:

    Unknown column 'added_by' in 'field list'
    The query was:

    INSERT INTO `tiki_plugin_security` (`fingerprint`, `status`, `added_by`, `last_objectType`, `last_objectId`) VALUES(?, ?, ?, ?, ?)

    wiki page
    The built query was likely:

    INSERT INTO `tiki_plugin_security` (`fingerprint`, `status`, `added_by`, `last_objectType`, `last_objectId`) VALUES('html-da0cdd03389aa43e8264e9365dd01c9a-0df3f8fa6a273b5283894cce2d1e8455-320000-200000', 'pending', 'RVBelanger', 'wiki page', 'UserPageRVBelanger')

    I have tried upgrading from 3.2 to 3.5 and then to 4.2 and I continue to get the error. Iframe produces the same result. Can you please point me in the right direction.

    • Gary Cunningham-Lee

      I checked the database in Tiki 4 (and Tiki 4's tiki.sql - line 3396) and there is in fact a column 'added_by' in the table 'tiki_plugin_security', so if you're getting an error message that it's missing, apparently your database needs to be updated. Try running tiki-install.php again to update the database.

      -- Gary

    • rbelanger

      The database has been updated several times as I did this once before upgrading and then at 3.5 and then at 4.2 and once after 4.2 upgrade all with the tiki-install.php? All get the same result.
    • rbelanger

      The following code is in tiki.sql It is probably the same you were looking at. What would cause the column not to exist?

      "DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `tiki_plugin_security`;
      CREATE TABLE `tiki_plugin_security` (
      `fingerprint` VARCHAR(200) NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY,
      `status` VARCHAR(10) NOT NULL,
      `added_by` VARCHAR(200) NULL,
      `approval_by` VARCHAR(200) NULL,
      `last_objectType` VARCHAR(20) NOT NULL,
      `last_objectId` VARCHAR(200) NOT NULL,
      KEY `last_object` (last_objectType, last_objectId)

    • Gary Cunningham-Lee

      I don't know why tiki-install.php isn't updating the database correctly, if that's the problem. Probably you should confirm with phpMyAdmin (I assume it's available on your server) the present state of the tiki_plugin_security table. If the added_by column isn't present, you can add it using phpMyAdmin.
    • rbelanger

      Gary, thanks a lot for your help. You pointed to the right concepts and tools and with some additional digging I have resolved the issue. I do not know why it existed, but HTML is now working on my pages. Thanks so much.

      HTML in WIKI Page Error has some links where I was able to find the rest of the story.

      Thank you so much

  • carine

    Bonjour Gary.
    Je travaille sur un projet de plantes. Alors j'ai crée un menu personnalisé avec des liens qui sont des pages de mon wiki seulement, ca ne s'affiche que sur le compte administrateur. Les users voient le module mais pas le lien, comment faire pour activer ces liens.

    • Gary Cunningham-Lee

      Do users have permission to see the pages? No permissions should be set for the menu links, but the wiki pages should be visible to the users. (I hope my understanding of the problem is correct.)

      -- Gary

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