• Daniel Gauthier

    Hello Greg,

    My name is Daniel. I'm a newbie at Tiki.org. (some will even say I'm an eternal newbie ;-)).

    Greg, I'm writing to you in regards to my friend at funio.com (his name is Patrick Lepage <plepage@funio.com> and he is a tiki community free account helper. Marc just created a DNS for that account: Funio. Their company run a hosting service in Montreal ( I live in Montreal as well) and Marc has helped me secure their sponsorship.

    Greg, can I trouble you to get in touch with me and Patrick please so that I know what to do in order to instal two tiki packages.

    Marc suggests that we install the stable branch and the LTS one as well. Can you help?

    I have not heard from Eric (do you know Eric who helps in the community as well?) and wish to get this install done. Marc suggest that we install the following:

    de 10.3 and 11.0 ?

    Does this makes sense to you?

    Can you help?

    Here is my email address if you can reply to me via email.

    gauthier.daniel at gmail.com