1. admin

    how about forum counter ...customer needs orientation....whats important
    1. John Morris

      I am unclear what your intention is with this comment, please elaborate, thanks!
  2. luciash d' being

    Hi John,
    wonderful! Friend of mine is also woodworking carpenter here in Czech Republic, creating custom furniture for various customers and friends. I have made a Tiki site for him a while ago too: http://kincwood.cz/tiki-index.php?page=home&no_bl=y (a bit outdated, I know)
    Check out his work in his gallery! What do you think? :-)


    1. John Morris

      Luci, your friend does absolutely beautiful and creative work! My gosh, that is some amazing creativity! I love it. And the old Tiki site aint too bad either.wink
      The creativity of woodworkers all across the globe never ceases to amaze me, I would love to travel the world and meet the woodworkers from all over, especially your friend, he and I would get along great I know!
      I really enjoyed Radek's philosophy page, short and simple, he seems like a neat guy to get to know. He was born one year before me, we are the same generation.
      Thanks Luci for showing me his shop, and again, I like the website too. Well done sir!