• Philippe Cloutier

    Bona chanco pri ca tradukadowink
    As you see I can't help muchrazz

  • Noavatar


    I've got some great photos of U. of Barcelona somewhere... I'm trying to keep my case study up to date... I've learned a lot... mostly keep the devs close to you :-)

    I'd love to be able to hire someone to help sort out/code the things I need most for my classes...

    drop me a line on my page

  • Ark

    Necesito un poquito de ayuda en español. ¿podrias contactar conmigo por jabber?
    ark at jabber.com

  • Josephine Tan

    Hi, Xavi.

    Is edu.tikiwiki.org down? Couldn't get in over the past week or so. Kept getting a 500 Server Error.


  • Josephine Tan

    Hi, Xavi.

    Could we discuss this offline (send me a message at http://tikiwiki.org/tiki-user_information.php?view_user=clappingtree )? I need some advice on TikiWiki, as part of a research project that I'm working on.