• Christophe

    Well, maybe Wiki Syntax is important, maybe not. There is no simple answer to that question. But what I'm pretty sure of, is that Wiki Syntax is deterrent for many users. Why in the world do they need to learn yet another syntax for markup ? Oh sorry, I meant 20 new syntaxes, as a quick look at Wikimatrix shows that Creole is Esperanto (it's the standard, but nobody speaks it), and MediaWiki is english (it is proprietary like the rest, but has likely more than 50% marketshare as wiki).

    If I may (assuming some discussion comes below), I would be ready to contribute to this topic/page. But at this stage, I won't mess with what I consider someone else's property.

  • Marc Laporte

    It's a wiki page, it's made to contributed to. Change it to be what you think it should be.

    Perhaps the title should be When instead of Why smile