• sylvie greverend

    It is the second time I reply to this page because I forgot the title and I lost my data; Sometimes I hate tiki!

    It is not a bug, it is a feature. It belongs to the multilingual feature but the only thing I agree with it can be a different feature.

    When the parameter bl (for best language is added to tiki-index.php), the page that is displayed is the page in the "best language" (see the admin help page for more details about best language)? It means tiki-index choses the page between all the pages thate are translation of the page parameter that has the most chance to match the user need.
    It will answer it is stupid because it is the page the user comes from. I can prove it is not
    1) in the admin help system, if we add bl to each link (I have to do it) the help page will be in the user favoritte language!
    2) imagine a site under translation, some pages are translated, some not. Very hard for a page translator to check if the other page exists... Whith this, no problem, He links to a concept and not a physical page. tiki is supposed to choose the right one
    3) imaginee a user - French - navigating on tw.org - mainly English , the French pages will be displayed if they exist. Cool isn't it!

    I agree that it must be a feature because a site can have solve all the links and achieve the translations. I will do it tomorrow