Quick-Fix for Admin Categories Formatting Issue


In templates/tiki-admin_categories.tpl change the following:

On Line 19: <div class="tree" id="top">

Change that to <div class="tree">

For this method I edited the template that is used to display the page for Admin Categories, tiki-admin_categories.tpl. All I did was remove the id="top" from the <div> tag. That just removed the styling that was pushing the category navigation section off to the left side of the page. It now centers the category navigation section at the top of the page, while keeping it in the same style.


In templates/tiki-admin_categories.tpl change the following:

On Line 19: <div class="tree" id="top">

Change that to <div class="cbox">


On Line 20: <div class="treetitle">

Change that to <div class="cbox-title">

For this method I just edited the template to make the category navigation section of the page use the same style as the rest of the boxes on the page.


You can go into the .css file for a theme and edit the two styles:




But if you want to change it in the .css files, you'll have to make the changes in the styles/whateverstyle.css file for each and every theme you want to use.


The template used to display a page in Tiki always has a name matching the name of the .php file that generates the page. In this example, tiki-admin_categories.tpl is used to diplay the page tiki-admin_categories.php.

Editing the template like I did in this example changes the way the page looks in all themes, except in specific themes that use a modified version of the template (which would be stored in templates/styles/themename/tiki-whatever_template.tpl).

The template I editied in this example, templates/tiki-admin_categories.tpl, is used by default in all of the standard tiki Themes so it corrects the formatting in all themes without having to mess around in all the .css files.

Let me know if you need more help, I'm happy to help out any time I can.


Page last modified on Monday 14 February 2005 02:08:44 GMT-0000

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