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This is my public information page so that when I put a note on a page or something that I can just put down my AlBrown sig and anyone that wants to find out who made this reference or signed something can find out "Who Did That?".

I'm a Certified Application Developer / System Administrator for Lotus Notes/Domino. I have a lot of full time work on this and have for the last couple of months been overwhelmed. I hope to have a slower period of paid work in the near future but whenever I expect this more always comes up. I'm not currently programming in PHP but I do a tiny bit of hacking when I have something that i can figure out.

I got involved with Tikiwiki back with the first public release because I was looking for a replacement for my Postnuke and Drupal sites. While I wanted to replace them for far different reasons I sitll wnated to find one package that would do everything that I wanted. I had used a Wiki before Tikiwiki but had only setup phpWiki and played with that some. Wikipedia being one of my favorites.

I help to do administration on this site and try to contribute to the Tikiwiki system by testing and documenting the bugs when I find them. Long ago and far away I used ot host and admin the Tiki Demo site.

Because I love what I do I never have to do work!

Feel free to communicate with me on this page

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