Analytics Team

The Analytics Team is responsible for everything to do with stats, big data, etc. both in Tiki the software and Tiki as a community.

Release responsibilities

  1. Provide stats to the Communications Team
    • How many commits, committers, etc.
    • Monitor % of completion stats, which is mostly automated at http://i18n.tiki.org/Status (now offline, but it will return)
    • any other useful stats
  2. Update List of all code contributors


  • Manage our Piwik account
  • Manage our Google Analytics account



Site Analytics

This page is to document and coordinate efforts to improve analytics for *.tiki.org sites

As we dogfood, we'll likely have some feature requests for Tiki.

We use Google Analytics.


  • Review setup of GA
  • Add Piwik too



  • Should we put all sub-domains under the same account?


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