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Articles vs Blogs: differences of these 2 Tiki features Feature »  Articles & blogs

Article vs Blog

Articles & blogs are very similar features. Why choose one over the other?

In general,

  • blogs: one person sharing their thoughts on a variety of subjects.
  • Articles:many contributors posting information usually regrouped in topics.

With Tiki blogs, it is possible to restrict read (tiki_p_read_blog) and/or write (tiki_p_blog_post) to different groups whilst in articles, reading can be restricted by topics (tiki_p_topic_read).

Style typically 3rd person ("they" Typically 1st or 2nd person ("I" or "We")
Date of postpublication and expiration date selectable by userautomatic and can not be manually entered.
Send this article to a friendnoyes
Commentscomments on individual articlescomments on blog post and/or comments on blog
Can use wiki syntaxyesyes
Can use htmlyes, if activatednot working for me in Branch-1-9
Data saved in?wiki format??html?

As a note, it is possible to "emulate" the multilingual feature for blogs by using multiple blogs (one per language), and copying, pasting, translating and linking between them, I use something like this for the link code, just replace the number with the corresponding postId of the blog post (you can see it on your browser's URL bar, while seeing the blog post you want to link).


The only "issue" is that comments are different on each version, but that could be good, unless you want to mix comments in different languages, which is what I wanted, but this workaround "works".

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