Warning !

Please see the page Cvs17 for up-to-date information on the 1.7.x branch.


I feel there is a need for some more explanaition about what we do with trunks, branches and so on.

Here is the situation :

We have one trunk and 2 branches, respectively named HEAD, release_eta_carinea_rc1, and DB_abstraction

HEAD is the continuing development main stream.
release_eta_carinea_rc1 is the release branch, dedicated to bugfixing.
DB_abstraction is an experimental branch, that can be merged afterwise.

Step by step instructions for command-line cvs users :

1/ you want to test the release candidate on a fresh install :
cvs co -r release_eta_carinea_rc1 -d tiki-1.7rc1 tiki
it will create a new directory named tiki-1.7rc1/ with the content of the branch
then you can follow process install and test it out.
If you find bugs and have checked out a developers version, you can commit your bugfixes as normal,
it will feed the release branch.

2/ you want to change your existing version to release candidate :
cd tiki/
cvs -q update -d -r release_eta_carinea_rc1
if you didn't update your cvs tree since the rc1 (sunday) you should have no conflict.
In case of conflict, you would have to resolve them manually, ie. edit files and correct stuff.
further updates will stick to the release branch, as well as commit : you are in the release world.
You can go back to HEAD trunk, but if you do before there is a decent merge, you'll have to resolve
a bunch of conflicts. I advise you don't play with that unless you know why.

3/ you want to try something experimental but exciting with some db abstract inside ?
contact redFlo or rasa.

4/ you want to fix a bug for the release :
Get a new branch as indicated on step 1/ fix and commit.
You don't need to commit on head too, as we will merge after release.
That also mean that head trunk can be unstable while release process.

5/ you want to add some new feature to tiki, but not sure where :
Use the head trunk, that mean : do like it's indicated on sourceforge, defalut branch is HEAD trunk.
Your add will be shipped in the 1.8 version (unless it fits in something listed on page ReleaseProcess17 )

6/ you don't know what is a commandline :
find a csv clickable software and try to find equivalent commands in menus and tabs.

7/ you want to merge something beetween two branches ?
You should get some documentation before undertaking such a task (see CvsForDevelopers )
The use of the -j flag ensure that comments and versionning is not broken in the merge.

8/ you can't understand a word of all the above :
get some human understanding on irc.freenode.net channel #tikiwiki
or just send your patches on sourceforge https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=64258&atid=506848
(btw, I need help to check recent patches)

Merging now in progress

Some changes have been commited on head trunk as they are required in release branch. I'll do a merge in some hours.
After that merge, please consider that the above rules should apply, for the benefice of less of efforts to conduct the release.
Then, people that can help on bugfix and translations should switch to te release branch as indicated in 1/ above

I'll update ReleaseProcess17 when merge will be finished


Page last modified on Thursday 07 August 2003 22:22:06 GMT-0000