dam·o·bot·tle·neck. Pronunciation Key (daam-oh`bo^t'l-ne^k`)

To slow down or impede due to scarce resources n.

  1. a hindrance to progress or production, caused by over-reliance on over-worked principle team member
    1. a narrow or obstructed section of a process, as of a highway or a pipeline, caused by a single or non-scalable resource
    2. a point or an area of congestion, caused by reliance on a scarce or unavailable resource

A narrowing that reduces the flow through a channel [syn: constriction, chokepoint] v.

  1. slow down or impede due to an obstruction; "His availability has Damo-bottlenecked our efforts to understand the system"
  2. become narrow, like a bottleneck; "The Damo-bottleneck effect is preventing her from committing her code"

The characteristic of being a Damo-bottleneck can be applied to any object, inanimate or otherwise.

tr.v. dam·o·bot·tle·necked, dam·o·bot·tle·neck·ing, dam·o·bot·tle·necks


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