Hidable Navigation Bar instructions


This profile makes minor changes to your site layout and hides the top module zone when you scroll down the page.

Changes made by this profile

Site layout (in Control Panels > Look and Feel > General layout > Site layout) will be set to
Classic Bootstrap (fixed top navbar).

Preference Site logo (feature_sitelogo) will be disabled so that logos and site title are not shown twice.

After scrolling down a bit, the fixed top bar will disappear and the topbar zone (if any) will become sticky. This is made through the addition of a module with some JavaScript.

This profile is best demonstrated after applying the Collaborative Community profile which includes site title and topbar module with menus or you can see it applied as an example on the official documentation site too: https://doc.tiki.org


When there is a new version you can re-apply the profile but the older version's module must be unassigned manually to avoid having two clashing modules applied at the same time.


There is no uninstall feature for profiles. If you want to "uninstall" you can simply unassign the module and remove this instructions page. Also remember to switch back the site layout to whatever it was before (you can see the latest changes recorded in the Tiki logs).


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