How to organize a TikiFest

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Check and compare TikiFest to avoid duplication etcetera.

Also see: TikiFest

How to organize

  • Pick a date/location as soon as possible, ideally several months ahead of time, so everyone can organize logistics (plane tickets, check passports validity, etc.)

Location selection

  • Wi-fi is essential


Ideally, a house is rented for people that are from out of town

This is not easy in Germany.

Date selection

In general, we try to have TikiFests just before or after related events. So people can travel and participate to the 2 events. It's also good to plan these dates a long time ahead. There can be other synergies as well.

Weekdays or Week-ends?
If it's a long TikiFest, it could be good to span both. So more people can participate, at least partially.

Advantages of TikiFest before the other event

  • We get to know each other better.
  • We arrive energized at the other event and fully ready to answer any questions about Tiki.

Advantages of TikiFest after the other event

  • We can invite interested people to stay a few extra days and fest with us smile

When date is picked, it should be added to this wiki page, to Facebook, Upcoming and of course, the Tiki Event calendar

What to bring


  • power strip

With booth at conference

  • Banner
  • Monitor
    • Presentation (update/adapt before)
  • Goodies
    • Handouts (update/adapt before)
    • T-Shirts (and a t-shirt holder if you have)
    • Magnets
    • Stickers
  • Donation box (maybe)