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This is a extract from last night in #tikiwiki, it really explains what happens to code you commit. and how no-one has control of the code in CVS. This is an important lesson to learn when using Tikiwiki as a base product for clients.

10-24-04/23:09franckWell, just to put things in perspective, I'm deploying tikimaps in 14 countries as part of a 9 Million Euro project, The project relies heavily on tikimaps working correctly

arrow Nice

10-24-04/23:10franck So I have pressure from all to get things working, and your sudden change of schedules does not make me happy to say the least.
10-24-04/23:10damian sylvieg if you galaxia or maps, sheet, jukebox, whatever its 3 clicks to have it
10-24-04/23:10mose you could get help
10-24-04/23:11franck mose: I will start to get rude.
10-24-04/23:11mose from me, if it goes to momds
10-24-04/23:11sylvieg I have to try again mods ...
10-24-04/23:11damian franck thats open source software
10-24-04/23:11mose I'm writing a bash script right now for mods being easier even
10-24-04/23:11sylvieg it is my translation point that disturbs me .. I eat my own food always in French
10-24-04/23:11 * damian is doing a visualbasic interface for binbows
10-24-04/23:11mose you can be rude franck that won't change anyhting
10-24-04/23:12mose except bringing a bad ambiance

arrow There is no point, you cant control the development pattern of code that is commited to the CVS. The community owns it from there and can do whatever they want with it.

10-24-04/23:52sylvieg please ..if you can delay mods transfer before every is finished
10-24-04/23:52damian sylvieg did you read about using 1.9 for clients?
10-24-04/23:53sylvieg no where is it?
10-24-04/23:53damian my advice
10-24-04/23:53damian is dont. it will cause you far to many problems
10-24-04/23:53damian for all paid work I use 1.8
10-24-04/23:53damian as its less likely to change
10-24-04/23:53damian and you have stability
10-24-04/23:53 * mose is less cautious but have few paying clients
10-24-04/23:54mose my customers are poor activists
10-24-04/23:54damian Using 1.9 you have to be aware that no-one will care about your client
10-24-04/23:54mose so they don't complain too much
10-24-04/23:55damian that is a risk of re-using open source software
10-24-04/23:55damian you have no control over what happens to it
10-24-04/23:55mose not even damian control things, nor me, nor luis
10-24-04/23:55mose it's impossible technicaly
10-24-04/23:55mose otherwise it's not tikiwiki
10-24-04/23:56damian franck has no control over the contributed maps codes
10-24-04/23:56damian even though his is flashing a mega money around
10-24-04/23:56sylvieg stop to attack people .... I don't know Franck .. but I am sure he doesn't deserve it
10-24-04/23:56mose I'll intersect in maps code soon, I plan to do such
10-24-04/23:56mose for long time
10-24-04/23:57damian im not attacking anyone
10-24-04/23:57damian I just saying that even with customers giving you funds, you dont gain control
10-24-04/23:57sylvieg English are not some supceptible than French perhaps ...
10-24-04/23:57sylvieg s/some/so .. or whatever
10-24-04/23:57mose french are darn proud egomaniacs
10-24-04/23:58mose it's a known fact
10-25-04/00:00mose but pragmatically the maps feature is not environemental at all
10-25-04/00:00mose it uses execs
10-25-04/00:00mose it requires phpmapscript.so
10-25-04/00:00mose it is coded with hurry because many very good reasons
10-25-04/00:00mose but still in hurry, then not environementally
10-25-04/00:01mose some people spend a lot of time to comply to the environment
10-25-04/00:01mose what value their efforts ?
10-25-04/00:02damian maybe in simpler terms when you "cvs commit" you sign the code over to the community and you no longer have exclusive control over it. That for paid work can be fatal to some people.
10-25-04/00:02mose anyway that's not the issue
10-25-04/00:03mose many devs don't commmit, for that reason
10-25-04/00:03mose and they are right to be prudent
10-25-04/00:04mose collective development is not predicable that much

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