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The newsreader can be used to read newsgroups that support the NNTP protocol for news. The first step is to configure or select a news server:

Selecting a server

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In the example we configured news.php.net as the news server indicating just the name of the server (no authentication needed in this server) you can edit servers and add as many as you want. Clickin on a server in the list of servers will take you to server groups screen:

Selecting a group

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The list of groups is displayed click on any group to view news for that group.

Reading news

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The list of news for the group will be displayed, you can click on any article to read it. You can also mark your position so only messages that are newer than the marked date will be displayed in bold.

This is the screen used to read an article:

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Note the next/prev links that can be used to read articles sequentially.

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