Hi TIKI list!
(hope TIKI developers here too)

I found a lists parser code in TIKI too buggy. I'm (we are at office of small
software company) use tiki starting from 1.2 version but bugs in lists still
exists in 1.6.1 — so I rewrite list parser almost from scratch... and would
like to share it with TIKI developers... (so they can include it into cvs
version :-)

New features

It is now possible to append paragraphs to list item. Wiki source example:

  • item1 1st paragraph
    item1 2nd paragraph
  • item2

as you can notice to append paragraph it should start with '+' symbol... one
or more depends on list depth:

  • item level1
    • item level2
      continue item level2
      another paragraph for item level2
      • item level3
        continue item level3
  • back to level 1
    continue level 1 item

Note that anytime you can return to upper level (one of) and continue to
append paragraphs or new items. It works even with mixed lists without break
numbering items:

  1. level 1-1
    • level 2-1
    • level 2-2

    continue level 1-1
  2. level 1-2
    • level 2
      1. level 3-1

      continue level2

Bugs gone

  1. Opened ol & ul remains if list item was last line on wiki page
  2. Can mix ul & ol lists with different levels without ends previous list...

so lists of different types can be nested wich is make lists more usefull :-)


  1. Code become much more shorter :-)


It will realy help me if smbd from TIKI developers respond on this message...
Actualy I'm C++ programmer and we r (at office) enjoy using TIKI. Coding
(plugins and some patches) for TIKI is my first PHP programming experience so
any feedback welcome! :-)) I'm just try to write/fix some realy needed and
everyday used (at least by C++ programmers :-) features and whould like to
hear opinion of TIKI developers....

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