I'm in the mood to make some new plugins, so what do you want?? Please put your ideas below.

-- Colorado


  1. A plugin that displays the contents of the most recent forum threads for a specific forum.
    I'd prefer to use a forum as my "news" page, where each new thread is another news item, listed in chronological order. Comments (replies) are linked to, but not displayed (a number of comments listed under each news item would be nice). If this functionality already exists (outside of the Articles system — I use my articles for CMS purposes, and would prefer to keep it that way if possible).

  1. A new TABLE plugin that will let me define:
  • Column width
  • Summary text

SPLIT is much better than TABLE, try it. I think you'll be impressed! - Damian
Yes, but... a SPLIT is to create columns of text --- a TABLE is for tabular data. For accessiblity purposes, you cannot use a SPLIT to present tabular data. I simply would like a method to pass HTML attributes; similiar to the ability to pass an ALT attribute within an {IMG} wiki element.
SPLIT uses a html table for its output, you can now as of 1.9 use three @ signs to start a new row smile - Damian
So how do you assign table headings with SPLIT?

  1. What about a plugin to change the font size of the text. Hope its not a silly idea...

  1. I would like to use a CatSpider plugin:

I mean, a plugin which allows you to show objects in any category. Like a spider crawling the categories-tree !

So it should behave as the PluginCategory does, but in a fully customizable way. Example:

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How should it work?

Well, supose you are in a particular branch of your category tree and you want to display any objects located in another branch, let's say one of your cousin categories expressed as (-2, 2, 3) from your branch path.

First you will move to your granfather (-2) branch. Now you select his second child (2), i.e one of your oncles. Finally the plugin will show objects belonging to his third child (3) - that is your cousin, isn't it?

I think such a customizable category plugin would be really usefull when you run a fully categorised portal, as it happens when you try to offer some semantic sense for your visitors.

  • Folksonomy plugin

Would love to be able let visitors "tag" pages - kind of like Flickr.
That would then mean you could do a whole lot of neat stuff with them (I think)

  1. Import page from another Tikiwiki on demand

I am working with an open source project aimed at developing a package of Linux-lbased applications for use by small law offices in private practice. We have tentatively chosen Tikiwiki as the CMS solution for the package. It would be incredibly useful to us if Tikiwiki Received Pages might be taken a step or two farther, in order to implement some of what we want to do with our Help system.

What I would like would be a Tikiwiki capability that works like Getwiki's automated XML import. E.g., author attempts to link to a page that does not exist on the local wiki but does exist on a linked "parent" wiki. The appropriate page is automagically imported from the parent wiki into the local wiki and linked.

It would be super neat if this could be only a part of a tool that can synchronize wikis by category so that, e.g., all parent wiki category X pages that are new or have changed could be batch imported into the child wiki, with diffs provided for pages that have changed at both ends.

We hope to encourage end users to contribute to Help and other documentation pages on the project's parent Tikiwiki by providing them with links to appropriate parent wiki pages from the applications, and make it easy for them to benefit from their contributions and the contributions of others. To pull that off, we need to make it as painless as possible for folks to synchronize their local wikis with the content on the project's parent wiki.

I have done a lot of thinking along these lines. If this is an idea you are interested in pursuing, please contact me at fir marbux pine at willow gmail elm period cedar com maple (subtract the trees).

Newsletter Plugin

A plugin that will display the most recent n editions of a specified newsletter, similar to the articles function. - edalton

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