Roundtable Meeting 2021 10

Volunteering Facilitator: @Bernard Sfez / Tiki Specialist


  • You can watch/listen to the recording of the meeting here.


Wednesday, Octorber 27, 2021 at 14:00:00 UTC time (click to check time zone in your location)





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First hour, quick news

  1. Tiki releases: News and status
    1. Let's release 22.2 (EOL) soon so we don't have to keep backporting things through it, and while at it 23.1 and 21.5 too?
  2. Tiki Wishlist Triage Team progress and actions (Bernard and/or Adrien)
  3. Introduction to the How to Have Fewer Bugs in Tiki project and how you can help (next month, it will be in " Second hour, longer topics" as you will all have had time to reflect. (Marc)
  4. New Tiki menu and front page status ( revampTiki Community 2021 Navigation Revamp )
    1. Summary: New top zone menu is on all pages, topbar menu is removed from "info" category pages, topbar menu on "community" pages still needs checking and simplifying (decision to be made: dump it completely or just simplify it? Our team meetings focused just on the info pages topbar menu.), homepage is done for now but suggestions for improvements are welcome here and elsewhere, pages linked from homepage are in varying states of completion — some need more info/content and links, most will get a bit more graphics (feature screenshots, context photos, etc.), page aliases need to be updated, megamenu content should be discussed, top zone menu needs to be added to other sites...
  5. Removing Tiki Directory Tiki-Directory-feature
    Just a "roundtable" as it seems we all agree and it is already there Endangered-features
  6. Notice about Fontawesome upgrade
    1. Should we consider supporting Fontawesome Pro?
  7. Help needed on Tiki.org forum (5 month old (!)
    1. Broken display for sub-forum
    2. Not-possible-to-move-discussions-in-forum
  8. Article this month about ...?
  9. ...

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Second hour, longer topics

  1. Cookies consent status Cookie-consent-improvements
  2. New Admin Dashboard Administration-UX-and-Control-Panels-re-organization
  3. Help to find/propose/add alternatives to "Media player" plugin, Media-Player-Help]
  4. Multi-level menu, the "question" that is coming back every 3 month, can we improve documentation and propose options people can find easily. Last one
  5. Email folders Tracker Field and Email as a first-class citizen presented by Marc
  6. Profiles revamp before next Tiki24 LTS?
    • Starting with Profiles Wizard, and later, if needed, Profiles Control Panel.
      • split a part the profiles expected to be applied in a production site to get some extra features without breaking anything, from those that make changes to your site style or similar, which are expected to the applied only in demo/testing mode when reviewing features at the very beginning, etc. Better filtering and sorting will help, and some card-like visual display would also help (like this one prototyped here: Cards - masonry/grid display ).
    • add a menu entry inside menu 42 for wizards, and make it the first of the options
    • set the menu entry in the admin ui backend for the wizards as the first in the list. (if it's the first expected entry point, it should be listed as such consistently everywhere)

  7. Re-enable some "quick admin" link at the top bar (module, the simple or the one with the admin bar) for tiki site admins by default in new tiki installs (to be implemented before next Tiki24 LTS). and prevent collision display, if any, when the new admin ui backend is used.
    • it's very discouraging to tweak a tiki from scratch without that. In narrow screens, in addition, you don't see the side module with the menu 42 (it's sent to the bottom of the page).

  8. Enable Tiki Connect by default since Tiki24 LTS to get more info and contact with tiki site admins out there, what do they use, etc.
    • I've recently experienced setting up a new Syncthing install. and at the first login attempt, I got a "Tour"-like popup asking me to leave the setting to send anonymous statistics info to the server as enabled, and a link to see what type of results and charts they make with it, and I was ok with that setting as enable once I saw the type of charts and visualization they make with it. etc. Shall we do something similar? (low hanging fruit)
    • https://data.syncthing.net

  9. Show2.t.o and show3.t.o status? (related to tikiwiki domain issues and wikisuite & virtualmin improvements)?

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