Tagline Shortlist

Shortlist Procedure

The proposed taglines from the Branding and Marketing Creative Brief 2016 were first aggregated by the professional Synergiq Branding team who volunteered to help out in the process, new taglines generated and then shortlisted based on the following criteria.

  1. It was noted that many of the taglines suggested were trying to fulfill too many functions - they were trying to communicate the benefits of Tiki and at the same time trying to explain what Tiki is. This is an "impossible task" and it is recommended that the tagline focus on conveying the key benefits of Tiki, leaving the task of explaining what Tiki is to one or two sentences that can be used as a stock succinct statement of that (see below for proposed statement).
  2. Some of the taglines spoke only to a specific sub-audience. To be a good tagline, it should speak directly to the primary target audience while at the same time be relevant to the secondary target audiences. As it would be confusing to have multiple taglines, the best of these "audience-specific taglines" have been kept aside to be used as "Cross-heads" that could be used in specific communication pieces or on the site as needed - not as the tagline but as the headline of the piece for example.
  3. The tagline shortlist consists of 2 types of taglines: Benefits Descriptors and Action Oriented. Both convey the benefits of using Tiki but the first type is more direct about it and the second type phrases it in the form of an action, which usually has the advantage of being more emotive and moving than the first type, albeit being less direct.
  4. The tagline should be powerful in a succinct way, and convey as many of the key positive benefits of using Tiki without being too wordy. It can speak to both concrete or emotional benefits. It should avoid "overused" or "obvious" words such as "Platform" or "Solution".

Shortlisted Taglines (Benefit Descriptors)

  • Out of the box. And into the future.
  • The easy to love, all-in-one toolkit.
  • Smart. Intuitive. All you'll ever need.

Shortlisted Taglines (Action Oriented)

  • Configure what you need. When you need it.
  • Configure easily. Customize infinitely.
  • Integrate for the web. Today and tomorrow.

Reserved for use as cross-heads for specific target audiences

  • Your Toolkit for Integrated Knowledge Infrastructure
  • Be an IT super hero
  • Install, Customize, Publish!

TikiFest HU 2016 Proposals

  • Choose the Extraordinary
  • CMS Extraordinaire
  • Your Choice
  • The Toolbox (You Ever Need)
  • Tackle/Turn Ideas - Keep Innovating
  • Not Your Ordinary One
  • Extraodinary Base
  • Build On It
  • Basis Extraordinaire
  • Web Application Extraordinaire
  • Web App Extraordinaire
  • The Fluffy Thingy
  • Everything but the Kittens
  • Fluffy Web Thingy
  • Web Thingy Extraordinaire
  • Choice Extraordinaire
  • Choix Extraordinaire
  • Extraordinaire Choix
  • Extraordinary Choice
  • Everything but the Fluffies
  • Bridge to Your Solution
  • OpenSource Extraordinaire
  • Possibilities Extraordinaire
  • Building Solutions
  • Varietas Delectat
  • Variety Brings Joy
  • Every Configuration A Solution
  • Configuration is Solution
  • Play With It

Proposed short succinct statement of what Tiki is

Remember that this statement should be as short and succinct as possible to convey the necessary information. Extra information can be provided in longer form in paragraphs or separate pages for people who need more details. This statement will be used as the first sentence in marketing material and on the website front page (possibly in a call out).

"Tiki is an open source content management system (CMS) and wiki software used to build state-of-the-art web sites and applications that leverage its powerful collaboration and data management features."

Comments or further suggestions

If you have any comments on any of the shortlist, or further suggestions for refinement or improvement, please put them here.

Suggested changes to the above:

  • The easy-to-love all-in-one toolkit.

("easy-to-love" and "all-in-one" are both the same grammatical construction - multi-term modifiers, so both should be hyphenated; the comma can be removed as it isn't necessary.)

  • Your Toolkit for an Integrated Knowledge Infrastructure

(A Tiki installation is a single instance, so using infrastructure in the countable sense may be better, which works better with "an" added.)