TikiFest Virtual 2021

A global TikiFest during the pandemic travel restrictions


Due to health and travel regulation during the Covid-19 Pandemic, we decided that the 2021 TikiFest will be a virtual one.

To coordinate with users that have different timezone we’ll set here a first survey then move the narrowed options to a convene plugins to be effective and clear. We'll set teams of users interested to solve or improve an area and that are able to work together (timezone) and progress in parallel.

The last meeting should be a kind of conclusion (completing committing, documentation, and eventually planning other steps)... The goodbye toast. 🍻

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1.2. Who

1.2.1. Organizers (for topic facilitator check below)

1.2.2. People confirmed

1.2.3. People interested

1.2.4. People invited

1.3. Where

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1.4. When

International planner

1.4.1. From Wednesday 2nd of June 2021 to Saturday the 5th of June 2021

Saturday is coding session
Saturday end cocktail pub…

1.4.2. From ...(second part TBD) 2021

1.4.3. Scheduling Topics

Given times are UTC and some flexibility will be allowed following participants interest. See: Meetings planner to check your time.

During the February TRM it was decided to first sort topics then later to assign them a date and time. Opening and closing session will be placed to surround the other scheduled meetings

''During the April TRM it was decided to split the Tikifest. In june, discussion, technologies presentation and coding sessions. Later in summer workshop based on people requests. (@chibagy, Torsten Fabricius ☺️)

Please add your name so we know who is organizing what and with who (teams are welcome)

1.4.4. Discussions (From Wednesday 2nd of June 2021 to Saturday the 5th of June 2021)

The future of Tiki

  • Tiki as a tech solution in 2021+ (Duration: ...) (Need to understand the situation before strategy/marketing can be done.) Gary Cunningham-Lee
    • What is Tiki's use-case niche?
    • Why does a person or organization choose Tiki over alternatives?
  • Strategy/Marketing to grow (we need a stronger community and more developers) (Duration: 1h) Bernard Sfez / Tiki Specialist , ...
    • Who we want to use Tiki ? (may be Tiki is not made for everyone and we need to focus on a segment)
    • Where are those potential users and what do they use ?
    • What will "talk" to them and convince them to try Tiki ?
    • What about the actual and old users that are outside this scope ?
  • Technologies to be added or become mature
    • Vue.js (Duration: 2h?) Jonny Bradley, ...
    • Dependencies management and concequences (Fontawesome icons, Bootstrap, Composer, add more ...)
    • Enhancing cache features and integration with caching services (30 mins)
      • object cache (redis, memcached)
      • page cache (nginx, varnish)
      • look to competitors solutions (w3-total-cache, wp-rocket-load)
    • Error reporting (30 mins)
      • Integration with reporting tools and services (GlitchTip, Sentry)
      • ability to log unhandled errors and send to Tiki maintainers

1.4.5. Demos/Workshops

  • Demonstration/Presentation for new admins (invitation to discover Tiki)
    • Installing Tiki and basic first run for new comers, 2 sessions (1 morning 1 evening for different timezone - will include opening session) (Duration: 1h30) Bernard Sfez / Tiki Specialist, ...
    • General presentation of Tiki features and use-cases descriptions (community, shop, knowledge-database, real-estates, ...), 2 sessions (1 morning 1 evening for different timezone) Bernard Sfez / Tiki Specialist, ...
  • Workshops
    • Trackers
    • Plugins
      • Plugin List (unified-index) (Duration: 1h) Bernard Sfez / Tiki Specialist , Jonny Bradley
      • Plugin List with embedded list (Smarty or Wiki page) (Duration: 1h) Bernard Sfez / Tiki Specialist , Jonny Bradley
      • Plugin CustomSearch (Duration: ...) Bernard Sfez / Tiki Specialist , Jonny Bradley
      • Plugin listExecute (Duration: 1h) Bernard Sfez / Tiki Specialist , ...
        Planning, Advertising, Content - discussed during March 2021
        1. Virtual TikiFest planning
          We need to establish the topics and date for our next Tikifest : https://tiki.org/TikiFest-Virtual-2021
          * Validate topic and assign at least one volunteer
          * Validate a window to pre-schedule the event (or what we have is enough to set a date ?)
          ** Advertise our survey for more input
          ** Decide a week later
          May or June (preferable June so we have more time to finalise and advertise), majority of users are in European timezone with 20% on each sides with a slight preference for weekday. From here lets discuss our best options (moving important topic around 3UTC so all can come, weekday or weekend, having twice a demo/workshop with different timezone...)
        2. Marketing the TikiFest event
          We planned a lot of demo and workshop for this TikiFest and it is a good opportunity to present Tiki in 2021 to people that were once using Tiki or never heard about it.
          It require some resources but optimized work can make this feasible with few hands. (part of this will be ported on the TikiFest page if it is decided we go for it)
          1. Advertising
            1. Graphics
            2. Message
            3. Landing page (?)
            4. Where (and who)
              1. Google
              2. Wiki page
              3. Facebook
              4. Twitter
              5. UserList and DevList

          We need to make an effort to broadcast in "a more" professional ways than usual our sessions.
          1. Content
            1. Preparing the presentation (have time to prepare, test demo, ...)
            2. Support the presentation (have graphics and case ready, screenshot, ...) could be a team work (?)
            3. Make it interesting and progressive. Before the principal meat give background about Tiki, the feature, ...
            4. End with call for action. Give the viewer one or two simple action they can do to start with. (install, register, join, ...)
          2. Display and audio
            1. Wearing a Tiki t-shirt (?)
            2. Lights and background (video must be nice... not harsh light from the back of the facilitator )
            3. Audio must be clean (and tested (!) better use a headset and take care the area is audio clean (don’t kill the dog!😜)
          3. Media (after it has been recorded)
            1. Light editing (adding a short intro and outro), trimming the start and end
            2. Recording (where, how, who ?)
            3. Storing (where, how, wiki page, who?)
            4. Offering VOD (invite people with different timezone or that couldn’t make it to view it)
        3. ...

1.4.6. Coding sessions

We are trying to involve more developers...

1.4.7. Other Sessions

  • Official opening meeting, will be conducted during the first "Tiki presentation session"
  • Closure meeting and last drink

TikiFest Virtual 2021 Presentations and Requests


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