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The house is rented from March 10th (check-in) to March 21st (check-out). This is a huge double family house and will serve both to hold the TikiFest and for out-of-town participants to stay at. To stay at the house, send an email to rodrigo and marc laporte (@ the domain name of this site)


  • You can fly in to Boston
    If you're flying into BOS, let Ricks99 know, and we'll try to coordinate.
  • There will likely be one or two cars from Montréal or Ottawa to Boston. Else, just take the bus


How is the weather in Boston in mid-March?


  • Tiki7 is due for April 2011 so we need to take this into account for major changes. Ex.: Trackers Revamp, Smarty3, etc.
  • Visit jQuery folks and Ohloh.net, which are based in Boston.
  • i18n.tiki.org, Zend_Translate and Sharing back translations
  • Decide something about:
  • Doc sprint?
    It would be great to get all docs to accurately reflect 6.x, since that will be LTS for a while.
    Related: doctwo Revamp
  • Daniel will attempt to make a viral video about Rick Sapir's book launch. See his page for further info.
  • Rick will be soliciting volunteers to read/review/work with draft copies of Tiki for Dummies Smarties. If you're interested, let me know. Also, I'll have eBook versions of Tiki Essentials available for anyone at TikiFest that wants...
  • Several months ago, there was a proposal to start regular, public, Tiki webinars (via Tiki + BBB) as a way to showcase Tiki to the general public. Is there any interest in organizing one during TikiFest, or if there's not enough lead time, plan a future schedule?
  • Any time left for https://dev.tiki.org/Tiki6#minute_fixes? (thanks Xavi)

Schedule for the week

nkoth: Tikifest Boston is underway
10:09am nkoth: 10 o'clock meeting on http://tiki.org/live
10:12am nkoth: One of the main items that will be tackled in this TIki fest is the trackers code
10:12am nkoth: ... refactoring tracker code - each field in each handler
10:14am nkoth: so this will be one of the main activity in the Tikifest
10:15am nkoth: Next topic...
10:17am nkoth: Tiki Webinars - there is a plan to conduct webinars using tiki.org/live about various Tiki topics, e.g. introduction to new features. These will start summer after BigBlueButton 0.8 which has archiving of weinars will be ready.
10:17am nkoth: Looking for people to present many topics.
10:18am nkoth: Next topic...
10:19am nkoth: Demos during this tiki fest: Jonny: Theme generator, Jquery Mobile,
10:19am nkoth: Nelson: E-commerce
10:19am nkoth: maybe others
10:19am nkoth: Next topic...
10:20am nkoth: Translations... there needs to be a discussion on this. Rodrigo and Xavi will lead this ((xavi is off line right now but we'll set a time to have this discussion during the week)
10:26am nkoth: More discussions on some isues of tracker going on here...
10:28am nkoth: Next topic... LTD docs ... Sylvie has just left to the airport to pick up Rick, whc will be leading LTD docs during the TIki fest
10:28am nkoth: s/LTD/LTS
10:28am nkoth: LTS docs, I meant of course (for 6.x)
10:29am nkoth: Other things happening: general Tiki 6 bugs...
10:29am nkoth: Meeting up with Jquery team on Wed
10:29am nkoth: 2111 project intro by Brian
10:29am nkoth: ok, 10 o'clock meeting is over people are breaking up into individual discussions
10:30am nkoth: Also, we will need to come to a conclusion whether to kill Image Galleries with effect Tiki 7.,
10:31am nkoth: Branching for TIki 7 will probably happen a little later rather than earlier (but still within expected timeframe), after teh tracker refactor work is more stable.

Items to be discussed

  • When do we branch for Tiki 7
  • Do we kill Image Galleries for Tiki 7
    • As soon as a migration script is available, which is not yet the case

10 o'clock meeting (begun 10:30) 15th March 2011

Brian Merritt presented his idea to create a prediction time line build from user input on their assumption regarding any topic and the related developments.
The time line can be scrolled towards future or backwards. From those crowd sourced assumptions some new stories and views on our future and history can be extracted.

Carsten Aevermann (me) outlined the Background on “Online Publishing House”. Some more details @ http://dev.tiki.org/Online+Publishing+House

Dale & Ron presenting a concept for cable-cut user review site to engage people to share settings, configurations and other knowledge around getting rid of cable tv.

Jonny shows his jquery implementations of the time line plugin, the theme generator and his drag and drop support for module placement. Make sure to check it out.

Louis-Philippe Huberdeau presented features doing “stuff” ;-)
Louis-Philippe build a new lucene based indexing search machine into tiki.
His presentation showed off the flexibility on how to format the search output nicely.
Also he spoke about the Advanced Rating feature and how it accumulates data.

Nelson & Pascal (Citadel Rock) presenting their Tiki E-commerce and Content agregation

They added ticket handling, ticket status and shopping card functionality
and connected this to tiki payment. Presentation was about calabogiemotorsports.com
Content Aggregation:

For Wellington Street Post (WSP):
Several Content Streams get aggregated through hidden articles. Those Articles containing a story each and get rated through tiki's “advanced rating” feature. A large number of those stories build content streams @ the WSP homepage, but only a teaser on those content streams (eg. the first 500 charackters) will be accessible @ WSP. Clicking one of those redirects the user towards the original source. Via a special “Algorithm” the “Advanced Rating” allows to compensate cheating through down-voting and sticking selected content @ top positions.

Philippe Cloutier suggested Branching of V 7 for the last Day @ tiki fest Boston and Release for April 30th 2011. Also he and Sylvie wanted to get involved more in the QA Team.

I (carsten) hope I haven't forgot too much.


How about a trip to the MIT museum on the afternoon of 17th (Thursday) and then go and see some St Patrick's Day celebrations in Boston?

jQuery Meetup Wednesday 16 March



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