Monday 6th July1000 - 1230info.tiki.org Planning Discussion
1430 - 1700Bootstrap Navbar Discussion
1700 - 1900Nelson, Jean-Marc and Luci to prepare for public presentation.
Tuesday 7th July1000 - 1300 Add-ons presentation (Nelson - Organic Groups, Gezza - CRM) and Q+A
1500 - 1700Add-ons hacking.
Wednesday 8th July1000 - 1230PluginList and PluginCustomsearch presentation and Q+A (reminder to Nelson show new articles listing and tpls)
1430 - 1700D3.js presentation and follow-up discussion, follow up discussion on UX/UI dashboard (drag and drop etc).
Thursday 9th July1000 - 1230Client-side "local storage" and general JS
1430 - 1600Docker-based (and generally VM based turnkey installers of Tiki, eg. turnkeylinux)
1800Presentation in Policka about Tiki
Friday 10th July1000 - 1600Working on tiki.org sites (and any followup discussion on that), include implementing registration spam protection and user feedback/welcome.
1600Head out to local music festival
Saturday 11th July1000 - 1400Any other business, followed by heading out to local music festival

Notes / Session reports

Monday Session 1

1) merge info.tiki.org into tiki.org
-> h/w side, get new h/w
migrate from Oliver's Server
info.tiki.org -> tiki.org
tiki.org -> community.tiki.org or users.tiki.org
like now (with upgrade of info.tiki.org
C. (desided!)
combine both info.tiki.org and tiki.org
-> need different "colors" for content authors ?
-> menu(s) more streamlined and depending on content

TargetGroups / types of people

  • I want to learn more
  • I am new to Tiki (know nothing)
  • I have tried it, tryin' to learn
  • I want to download Tiki

  • I am a developer
  • I am a theme developer/designer

  • I want to customise Tiki / improve Tiki
  • I want to translate
    (e.g. consultants, IRC, etc.)
    forum devlist, userlist, docu

Basic structure / Main Blobs

Four main blurbs or blobs for

  • Learn More
  • Try Tiki
  • Get Help
  • Join/Register


Monday Session 2

Monday Session 3

Tuesday Session 1

Notes on Nelson's Addon presentation

- create zip file upload option
- create an Addons section in control panels
- how to register BOTH libs AND services
- install command respects profile names? yes
- discuss addon naming conventions
- revisit addon directory structure:
- themes/css - less
- local/custom folder that makes sense only for that addon
- libs /prefs ->? naming conventions
- views -> rename to a wiki-plugin? and making it simple, disable addon completely (prefs, plugins, etc)
- have parent pref for enabling the addon, all other settings are child prefs
- does it have modules? yes, you can create custom module through a profile
- how to protect objects (groups, categories, trackers, wiki pages, etc) and other essential things) even from admins
- .json ->rename url to help_url, have a source_url for the download?
- navbar: replace with module displayed based on category
- use symbols as permanent name for any object (groups, categories, trackers, wiki pages, etc), see: lib/smarty_tiki/{addonobjectid}
- how to have addon specific javascript file?

Tuesday Session 2

Wednesday Session 1

Wednesday Session 2

Thursday Session 1

tiki.org sites issues

  • CDN: to move away from Google, and to set up a cdn.tiki.org (replace existing one). To address privacy issues.
  • Remember me cookie set to 1 week with new auto-refresh feature turned on. To be consistent across Tiki sites.
  • Need docu on how to add new JS/JQ externals to Tiki,e.g. together.js

Thursday Session 2

Thursday Session 3

Friday Session 1

Friday Session 2

Saturday Session 1


TikiFestCEST2015 whiteboard