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Where do we want to be?

A profile is a collection of Tiki configuration data, including

  • which features are selected
  • which groups are set up
  • which permissions a group has

Profiles can be chosen at initial setup

  • At the beginning of the webbased part of the installation process, the admin can choose what profile to install with
  • examples could be "minimal", "standard news portal", "full fledged monster"
  • There is a link "download more profiles" (like with themes or extensions in mozillafirebird)
  • after choosing initial profile, the admin can finetune to her needs

Example: Profile "Tiki for a music band"

  • uses features calendar, CMS, Wiki, Forum
  • uses groups Band, Booking, Venues, Fans
  • permissions so that Band sees more than Fans etc.
  • a musicians magazine could provide a version of Tiki that loads with the "Music Band" profile by default. The whole thing just looks like designed ONLY for musicians.

Profiles are mergable

  • Suppose I already have a running and configured Tiki, but I want to add all the functionality of profile "Band", then I can merge that into the current instance
  • Wherever this is possible without conflicts, Groups and permissions are just automatically added
  • Admin can choose what to do in conflicts

Profiles are dumpable

  • Suppose some band is quite happy with their configuration after some tweaking.
  • Then they just click "dump profile", set the appropiate checkboxes on which part of the configuration to dump (export) and contribute the resulting profile to tikiwiki.org, where others can download it.

Profiles mix well with Content Packs

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