Top-10 files

  1. tiki-login_scr.php to log in even if you hide the login box from normal view
  2. db/local.php is your local info related to the database (name, password, type, etc and is created by the install script.
  3. templates/tiki.tpl (or templates/[theme_name]/tiki.tpl -- check to see if the theme has its own version) is the master template.
  4. templates/tiki-top_bar.tpl is where (as an alternative to using Site Identity) you can add a picture or some text at the top of your site, or modify the "This is Tiki..." statement .
  5. templates/tiki-show_page.tpl is where you can modify the middle (main) part of the wiki page (arrangement on the page of print and other links/icons, page title and description, etc.).
  6. templates/header.tpl contains the HTML head section, and can be edited to add script links, etc.
  7. templates/tiki-smileys.tpl can be edited to change or add smileys (also upload the images, named following the pattern of existing smileys).
  8. styles/[theme_name].css can be edited to modify the CSS styling of the theme.

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