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Top-10 files you should know about...
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Top-10 files

  1. tiki-login_scr.php to log in even if you hide the login box from normal view
  2. db/local.php is your local info related to the database (name, password, type, etc and is created by the install script.
  3. templates/tiki.tpl (or templates/[theme_name]/tiki.tpl -- check to see if the theme has its own version) is the master template.
  4. templates/tiki-top_bar.tpl is where (as an alternative to using Site Identity) you can add a picture or some text at the top of your site, or modify the "This is Tiki..." statement .
  5. templates/tiki-show_page.tpl is where you can modify the middle (main) part of the wiki page (arrangement on the page of print and other links/icons, page title and description, etc.).
  6. templates/header.tpl contains the HTML head section, and can be edited to add script links, etc.
  7. templates/tiki-smileys.tpl can be edited to change or add smileys (also upload the images, named following the pattern of existing smileys).
  8. styles/[theme_name].css can be edited to modify the CSS styling of the theme.

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Torsten Fabricius, 09:54 UTC, Wed 19 Feb. 2014: Hello everybody, please mind the ((TikiFestSysadmin2014)) in August. Mainly meant for the Sysadmins, which are located in and near Germany (and France), active community members from Canada are expected to be attending.
luciash d' being, 12:28 UTC, Wed 01 Jan. 2014: Happy New Year ! :-)
luciash d' being, 14:00 UTC, Sun 27 Oct. 2013: @ricks99: there is a regression bug in Tiki resetting the avatars to the default one imho
Rick, 16:56 UTC, Wed 31 July 2013: What happened to the avatars?
Jonny Bradley, 12:44 UTC, Wed 10 Apr. 2013: Biggest TikiFest in ages starts tomorrow [Link]