I am the administrator of the Tiki Wiki used internally by my company.
Here's a screenshot

My normal home page is http://www.techhouse.us/Hosted/Brianw and my community home page is http://www.techhouse.us

Currently I contribute to the project mostly by giving feedback on my company's usage and reporting bugs.

  • JGraphPad
    • Polygon shape tool
    • Ability to rotate shapes
  • Integrated task system with these features:
    • 'To do' tasks and 'Completed' tasks for each user
    • Ability to see all tasks for all users and sort by fields** Tasks have name, priority, assigned to, notes, project code, deadline
    • Ability to easily hand a task off to another user, or move from to do to completed
    • The Tracker system can almost do this, but it's still clunky for quick and easy use, same for Galaxia
  • Wiki Editing
    • Preview window and wiki code help boxes that pop up in a new window for easier editing
    • Easier code for italics, or more explicit statement of '2 single quotes not 1 double quote'
    • A 'Save and Continue Editing' button on wiki pages so that constant save, edit, scroll cycle doesn't have to be repeated for session timeouts
    • A spellchecker that ignored case
  • Trackers
    • Ability to rearrange the order of the fields w/o removing and readding them
    • A field type for urls that on display in the list would provide a link
    • Ability to choose whether to show the # of comments in the list view or not
    • Show 'add new item' box at the bottom of the list page
    • a +/- collapse button the 'add new item' box to reduce space when just viewing items.
    • a printer-friendly button for the tracker list page.

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