My name is Dayton Clark. I teach Computer Science at Brooklyn College/CUNY in New York City.

For several years I've used a home grown PHP based system to "manage" my courses (if you can call it management). Since August '03 I've been adapting my courses to Tiki and adapting Tiki to my courses.

In terms of Tiki itself, I have two main interests, at present:

  • Extensions to Tiki. IMHO, my work does not fit as a feature because it is of a rather narrow interest (compared to the Tiki community at large). So I have worked on how to extend Tiki in a more modular manner. In general, I think that the Tiki code and Tiki site management are somewhat unwieldy because of Tiki's monolithic structure. The page DaytonTikiCore describes my approach to Tiki extensions.

  • Galaxia. The feature which sold me on Tiki more than any other is Galaxia. A major part of my home grown system deals with the submission of assignments by students via the web. Galaxia is a more general framework for implementing this. Despite the large quantity of code and documentation in Galaxia, it appears to be little used. I have found few (read 'one') examples of how to use Galaxia. So I have been slugging my way through it.

In the mean time, the Fall term has begun. So now my time is stained but I hope to have some sort of site available in a few weeks. I will try to setup a demo site so that those interested may look at my work.


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