My name is Gustavo Muslera, I live in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Currently I'm using it in my work as my departament's internal documentation system (using mostly Wiki to document and describe static things, Illustrations to show ideas, networks, etc, graphically, Blogs to show progress in several projects and the permission system to choose who can see or edit what), helping to move my local LUG's site (UYLUG) to a Tikiwiki version, and in general, helping other people here to know and use this system. Also I the admin of http://es.tiki.org.

I'm supposed to be member of the Tikiwiki project, but I'm not apported much code yet , I hope that my comments and little feedback could make a difference in the growing of the project. But as an INTP maybe should not have such hopes.

There are a lot of things to think about Tikiwiki, not only what or how do things. A lot of things were discussed in the developers mailing lists (some others were discarded for some reasons, other forgotten in the time), but anyway, here is a good place to store some of those ideas, to don't get them lost in hundreds of mails. I will try to post new ideas here, and new thoughs that I had about things I posted earlier in the lists. Also could work as an example of use of wiki for this things. I thinked also about creating blogs to post ideas and views about this as they happens, but not sure if would be a good idea for the actual site (for now, I'm just putting the date when i first started to write those ideas, works a bit like a blog and shows a bit how old are those topics, some solved, some still not, and some solved using other approachs). And as a final note, some may have the "_gmuslera" suffix because when i wrote them, they are my view, but not necessary the view from the community, if the community feels that some piece is the view of the community, could rename it.

  • (8/Jul/03) WhatYouSeeIsWhatYouCanAccessDev
  • (8/Jul/03) Wiki_in_Multiuser_Portals_gmuslera
  • (8/Jul/03) TikiNames_gmuslera
  • (21/Jul/03) TikiNameSystem
  • (25/Jul/03) TikiIntegrationDev
  • (26/Jul/03) TikiDesintegration
  • (13/Aug/03) TikiWhatShouldBeInCore
  • (19/Aug/03) TikiIntegration2
  • (21/Aug/03) Thread about Core in Developer's forum
  • (21/Sep/03) TikiContextAwareness_gmuslera
  • (29/Sep/03) TikiDesignProblems
  • (11/Oct/03) TikiWrapper_gmuslera
  • (21/Oct/03) PermissionWrapperFunction_gmuslera
  • (31/Oct/03) TikiNamesRevisited_gmuslera
  • (17/Dec/03) TikiObjects_gmuslera
  • (05/Jan/04) TikiUserObjects_gmuslera
  • (30/Jun/04) WikiTiki
  • (23/Aug/04) WhyToUseTikiwiki_gmuslera
  • (01/Oct/04) ContainersVsContent_gmuslera
  • (01/Oct/04) ContentUnification_gmuslera
  • (19/Nov/04) Bliki

In less serious topics, maybe this project in a future have pages like this one in a no so far future.

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