I'm a network/database/PBX admin and programmer at a manufacturing company by profession, running NT/Linux/iSeries systems with several RDMS's in production.

I discovered Tiki in a search for some forum software when I decided to start a web site to support my guild Crossroads by the River in an online game, A Tale in the Desert. One of the requirements I was especially interested in was the ability to integrate custom active content easily within the system (see the guild mines list for my first custom implementation), and this system beat all the others hands-down for my taste, besides already including every standard feature known to man biggrin

Since I've started talking about this software, there's some interest at work in using Galaxia (if I ever have the time to start investigating it) and other features on our intranet, too, but there's a 2-year old ERP implementation coming to a head right now, so that will have to wait until next year.

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