We were very excited about the capabilities and look of TikiWiki. We then went about implementing and adding content.
However, we quickly realized that it's a dog slow product and pretty much unusable. We tried to tune it up from other forum suggestions to no avail.

We are abandoning TikiWiki and going to another solution. For example our mediawiki on the same hosted server has fine response time.

I think tikiwiki developers should focus on this problem for updates. Forget features if the base product is worthless due to speed problems. Otherwise, tikiwiki is nothing more than a cyber-paperweight.

One response:

It's unfortunate that the experience on your server wasn't satisfactory. But there are enough sites powered by Tiki, public and on corporate and organization intranets, to convince us that it is not worthless software by any means.

While Tiki can be slower than other, simpler web software, the site requirements also need to be considered. Maybe just a wiki will do the job; if more functionality is needed - and Tiki provides a lot more - then it's not unreasonable to expect to pay a small premium, so to speak, in terms of processing time.

That said, Tikiwiki's performance is a priority for the developers, and there has been steady improvement in each release.

Also please keep in mind that this is an open source project developed largely by volunteers. An alternative to "we like this software overall but (insert detail here) sucks so we're switching to other free software" is "we like this software overall but (inserted detail) sucks, so how can we help bring it up to speed." (This does actually happen.) Anyway, thanks for your feedback, and good luck with your wiki.

-- Gary

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