• Where are we?
    This feature's implementation is sufficient. We might hope that it's more consistent through all the Tiki

  • Roadmap
    It might be easy to implement watches at other places and have the 2 first RFEs below done.



  • {SF(aid=>797952,tag=>rfe)}{SF}
    • This can be generalized to any watchable content as far as I can think.
  • Watches for different types of objects : watch a category, watch a image/file gallery, a directory category (new links for users, new submissions for editors), a FAQ (for new questions (documentors) OR new answers (editors-admins)?), a tracker (currently not listed in Watches page), a poll or quiz for new answers, article topic, calendar, objects' comments' thread, etc.
    • {SF(aid=>772053,tag=>rfe)}{SF}
    • {SF(aid=>796335,tag=>rfe)}{SF}
    • Articles : Watch submissions
    • Notification should occur when an attachment is added to a Wiki page
  • {SF(aid=>801379,tag=>rfe)}{SF}
  • "New stuff" (please review the name!) : A new column is added to Watches page. When a monitored change occurs the "new stuff" value increases, and it can be either reset from the page or by visiting the page (automatically).
  • Importance levels : User defines how important each change is to him. For some things the user might want to receive a notification email, for others not. So user defines by example that when a poll has a new answer it adds 0.1 points and eventually he receives a notification when 10 new answers arrive.
  • Email notifications as a subfunction of watches (abstracted in the rest of Tiki).
    Instead of the current email notifications settings, we add mailbox as a watch and user defines by example to get a email when mailbox got 5 "new stuff" points. This is already what we do differently.
  • {SF(aid=>828660,tag=>rfe)}{SF}
  • Email notifications : Send Wiki page as HTML attachment when Wiki page changes (optional)
  • Email notifications: Send a link to view the page, not just diff, etc.
    • Also for forums (possibly blogs??)

Competition and standards

List of other products with similar/interesting/related features.

Here I would like to see some "editorial" content. How do our features compare to others?

userpageterris: Compare to phpbb, postnuke, and slashdot. The lack of notification when a comment is added to a Wiki page is a major shortcoming. I have 20+ users and about 500 documents growing daily. All users agree that comments should not be used because they don't generate email notification, module notification, or RSS notification. Major, major shortcoming.

van_woods: I have to agree whole heartedly with terris on this issue, but in my case it is more general than with comments (most notably in Forum posts). Issues such as {SF(aid=>797952,tag=>rfe)}{SF} have been the limiting factor in users understanding/using the tiki sites which I am trying to deploy. Phpbb really does an excellent job at this as well as many other forum related features, but nothing that tiki couldn't handle. The mailing list integration approach is good to have, but is not transparent to the user, and requires additional efforts on the part of the tiki admin, not to mention it really isn't geared towards handling notification on individual issues.

CVS Doc section

This is where new features being developed and only in CVS are documented. When the CVS becomes RC/official release, the info in the CVS docs is transferred to update the official docs (FeatureXDoc).


Chealer9's comments

In Wiki edit the minor edit can be replaced by a "new stuff" points evaluation. This would help latest changes module determine what to show too. This evaluation and the importance of ))Inter-User(( messages are ways to give a hint to watcher about deserved "new stuff" points. It can be added to other editing (by example using an importance field in calendar when adding events).

A final use is that Watches become a "ToWatch" self-ordering list (sorted by "new stuff") which is a customized content chart.

Note : Some options here will look overcomplicated and consuming more time than saving. Of course all this has to be done so that it can be turned off (by user/by Tiki/any other way) If all this gets implemented, this will be a powerful feature able to favourably replace any Home Page (see ShareUserProfileDev for an idea of how better this would be if user preferences could be shared between different Tikis). Eventually we can also create a module with this that can replace for a "good" user many other ones. I understand this may need much computer resources though.

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