I'm building, well actually converting and existing site from a fairly stand HTML, php, phpBB3, Dokuwiki driven site, into Tikiwiki. It's just a UK sailing association site for a dinghy class association, fairly open access, but typically with a 100 or so registered users.

Have been chatting on the forums, so decided to create a few pages to describe and record the experience and at the same time learn more about using Tiki.

Using this site and the facilities it offers is a great way to learn and see how the user experience develops using Tiki. I'm very much a newbie with Tiki and it is a fairly complicated system to get to grips with as an admin, especially getting started.

I'm a big believer in newbies helping newbies, you learn so much more doing that, rather than posting rather basic questions on the forums expecting the 'top team' to answer everything. Certainly for me, small group of like 'skilled' admins learn off each other very quickly, looking at each others sites and commenting/helping each to develop.

Anyway I thought I'd start a few pages to unload the forums and help other newbies get started with me. feel free to help and join in.

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