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The webmail feature can be used to offer a web-based interface to your users webmail accounts, note that Tiki is not a mail server, your users should already have email addresses before being able to use webmail. Any POP3 accesible mail account can be used from Tiki.

Configuring webmail accounts

After enabling webmail from the features section of the admin panel you will be able to enter the webmail section from the application menu. In your first visit to the webmail you will be automatically redirected to the webmail configuration panel.

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In this panel you can configure as many webmail accounts as you want, you also have to select the account that you want to use by clicking its name. Note that the current webmail account will be displayed in bold text. The information you need to setup a webmail account is very similar to the information you need for other mail clients such as Outlook express so the user will be familiarized with the settings.

Reading emails

The mailbox icon will take you to the INBOX of your current mail account. In this screen you will be able to see your emails, read them and manipulate them:

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Clicking on an email will take you to the screen where you can read the email.

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Mails that you already read are displayed in a different background than unread emails. You can select some emails using checkboxes and delete them, mark them for followup or mark them as read/unread. You can use filters to display only unread mails or unly flagged emails.

Writing emails

The compose icon let's you compose an email and send it using your SMTP configuration. The screen will be the following:

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Note that you can use addresses from your address book by clicking the "to", "cc" or "bcc" links in the compose email screen.

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You can attach up to three fies to an email each attachment will have a maximum size that admin can configure. If your email server has limitations about email attachment size you should observe them since Tiki cannot override them.

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You can send HTML email using Tiki just write the tags in the email using , and so... Managing contacts Whenever an email is sent Tiki will check the addresses and if they are not in your addressbook will offer you to add the addresses to your address book.

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The addressbook can me managed clicking on the contacts icon in the webmail screen. You can assign a nickname to an address and use it when sending an email, Tiki will automatically replace the nickname with the email address when it can.

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