Explanatory prefatory note to other writers: This is a sandbox page in that you have to edit it to learn the lessons. Before you will be able to edit this page you will have to register to this site. There is already a WikiSyntax page that includes a Quick Reference. This is an alternative approach to learning the same information. The complete page or set of pages that take this new approach to learning the syntax won't be developed in a day. Any help would be appreciated. When this page is completed, these comments can of course be deleted.

Note to new user Use the preview button to see the text here and the page produced at the same time. Make minor changes to this page as you try various things in the spirit of helping others to learn TikiWiki syntax by example rather than with a lot of words. Unless you intend to change the lessons contained here, please don't save the changes. * * * By the way, this is a problem for those who WANT to edit the contents of this page. Someone editing the lessons would not know if the page is locked by a person who is only learning. Perhaps there is a better way to accomplish this that I'm not thinking of. * * *

First Lesson

The above is a title because the line begins with the ! character. You will see headings and subheadings throughout the remainder of this document. The heading level is determined by the number of !'s at the beginning of the line. Compare the following headings:

A Main title

A subtitle

A subsubtitle

General Editing

I need to learn the basics of editing TikiWiki. You can modify this page, but please leave the lessons for others to learn from.

bold "italics" underline
red text
green text
blue text

This is monospace font because of the space at the beginning of the line.
While this is not monospace type because there is no space at the beginning.


Bulleted Lists

To create a bulleted list use * at the beginning of a line.

  • First
  • Second
  • Third
  • Fourth

Compare the results from these two lines:

  • Bullet

* Not a bullet

The second asterisk is not the first character on the newline and therefore is not recognized as a bullet like the first one is.

Numbered Lists

To create a numbered list use the # character at the beginning of the line:

  1. First
  2. Second
  3. Third
  4. Fourth

These lists (both numbered and bulleted) cannot have spaces in the middle:

  1. First number

  1. Second number


By using more than one asterisk (*) or pound sign (#) you can create subbullets. Here is an example:

  1. First number
    • First subbullet
    • Second subbullet
    • Third subbullet
  2. Second number
  • This breaks the numbered list because it is not a subbullet. If you change this to have two asterisks at the beginning of the line you will see that the numbered list will continue as expected. Please change this back though so that the next person can learn this lesson too.
  1. Third number
  2. Fourth number

Of course, only bullets are possible too:

  • First bullet
    • One
    • Two
    • Three
  • Second bullet
    • One
    • Two
    • Three

Definition Lists

Sometimes you want to create a list of definitions. The following syntax accomplishes this:


More Lessons Needed

Note from author: Rather than continue with this idea, I'll wait for others to comment on this approach to learning TikiWiki Syntax. I'm a newbie myself. I find this website to be quite lacking for the new user and in trying to find what I wanted I thought of creating a page like this. I don't need lots of words, but words and examples that I can actually play with. Perhaps other users in the community know a better way to accomplish this in a faster way.

Comment (the normal comment function seems to be out of order at the moment wink ): This is a nice page and shows good examples, but I wonder if you're reinventing the wheel here. doc.tiki.org already has pages on wiki syntax. The site is down right now, so I can't link to any specific pages, but it seems to me this area is already covered there. Or if documentation is lacking, that would probably be the best place to put this kind of information.


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